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Miss Louise Beesley

I started playing the piano at the age of 12, but sadly only a couple of months into it, I had to give my lessons up as I became very ill and had to then teach myself at my own pace in my own time…..

Now, I love to compose and i've been doing this since 2012. I started to write music at the age of 25 and have loved it ever since! I love playing and writing heartfelt pieces which are lovely to play and are also easy listening too.

I've had many many prints on my piano sheet music and I've had some lovely feedback from musicians too. Which makes it all worth while :-)

I'm going into piano teaching very soon, even though battling through with a heart problem is not easy, i'm determined to let my love of music keep me going. It's been my strength throughout all of these years and it really has kept me focused and to pass my knowledge of piano and composition onto students will be so much fun.

Feel free to contact me,

I hope you enjoy my pieces and happy playing!

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