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Creating and editing campaigns

What's the process of creating an ad campaign?

1. Sign up for a Score Exchange account

If you haven't already signed up, you need an account to get started. It's free to register - get started at the My account page.

2. Activate advertising on your account

You can activate advertising from your main account page, or head straight to the My account > Adverts page to get started.

3. Create an advert

Use the Adverts tab on the My account > Adverts to create your advert. You can create as many as you like to compare one with another. Most advertisers create a few different ads before choosing the best one to use.

4. Set up a campaign using your advert

Use the Campaigns tab on the My account > Adverts page to create your campaign.

5. Activate your campaign

Your campaign is activated by making the payment.

How do I create an advert?

Starting from the Adverts tab on the My account > Adverts page, click the 'create a new advert' button near the top right of the page.

Editing the details of the advert is self explanatory. You can add text and images then adjust the size, position and colour etc.

Hints and tips for adverts

  • Remember that you can create multiple adverts to compare, while deciding which is the right idea to use.
  • Any image that you upload will be added to your advertising image library. This means you can use the same image multiple times in different adverts without needing to re-upload it each time.
  • Remember to make sure your adverts looks good at all screen sizes - the advert editing page shows a few common sizes, but you can re-size your web browser to see any size you like.
  • Remember that some visitors might have larger / smaller / higher resolution screens than you.

If you get stuck, please get in touch - we'll be happy to help

How do I create a campaign?

You can't create a campaign, unless you have already created an advert. Presuming that you have created an advert, start from the Campaigns tab on the My account > Adverts page, click the 'create a new campaign' button near the top right of the page.

Creating or editing a campaign is a simple 5 step process:

  1. Pick an advert to use
  2. Choose which geographical regions will see your advert
  3. Select the pages on Score Exchange that will display your advert
  4. Set the duration of your campaign
  5. Check the details and save

Hints and tips for campaigns

  • Large adverts are more expensive than small adverts
  • Use the geographic options to prevent irrelevant audiences from seeing your advert
  • Pick the best Score Exchange categories for your advert
  • Campaigns with the longest durations get the best discounts

If you get stuck, please get in touch - we'll be happy to help

What is the review process?

When your campaign is activated for the first time, or you edit the campaign after it's been activated, the Score Exchange team will review your advert and campaign.

This is a manual process to ensure that your advert will display correctly on Score Exchange, and to make sure that it complies with the terms and conditions for advertisers.

The review shouldn't take long and if there are any problems we will email you to let you know.

While your campaign is being reviewed, your advert will not be displayed. However, you will not lose any advertising time that you have paid for because the end date of your campaign will be extended when the review is complete.

Can I make changes once my campaign is active?

Yes you can. Although any changes you make to your advert or campaign will cause your campaign to go through the review process again, so your advert may not be displayed for a short time after making a change.