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Help for publishers who previously used

How do I import my music from

SibeliusMusic was closed some years ago (approximately 2010) it is no longer to transfer music from an old account to Score Exchange.

Instead, you should set up a new account on Score Exchange and re-upload your music.

What are the main differences between and was offered as part of the Sibelius 'package' to promote the software and allow users to share their music. Whilst retaining much of this idea, is a business in its own right and is designed primarily to sell sheet music online. We are actively developing Score Exchange and have big, exciting plans for the future.

Differences for buyers

  • When you buy some music you have unrestricted printing access. This then enables you to print the music even if you initially had problems with your printer/lack of paper etc.

Differences for publishers/sellers

  • Due to the fact that by default, buyers have unrestricted printing access after making a purchase you may wish to review your pricing information, especially regarding parts where previously buyers may have purchased more than one copy of a part. You can also set alternative licensing options for your score to require customer to purchase the copies that they require.

  • Unlike, is not an agency arranging sales directly between publishers and buyers. is an online store. Buyers buy music from and buys music from publishers and resells it to the buyer. This simplifies the process for you as the publisher as you don't have to deal with the tax implications of selling to customers in many different countries, you are only selling to Score Exchange (which is a web site run by ADAP Solutions Ltd), a VAT registered, UK Ltd company.

    As Score Exchange is not an agency, publishers never actually pay us anything. This means that we do not charge commission to publishers. If we were an agency (like we would have to charge commission which may have also incurred a VAT charge which you might have to account for.

    Instead, Score Exchange makes a profit by buying your music from you at a discounted price before reselling it to the buyer at the price that you specified when you uploaded your music. This makes the process much simpler for everybody. For more details about the selling process click here.

  • Score Exchange does not currently have the equivalent of a SibeliusMusic Store. There is therefore nothing to lose, no up front monthly fee, just a better discount the more music you sell. You do still have a customisable profile page and score catalogue.

  • With Score Exchange, when you upload a new score in Sibelius format we will save you time and effort by automatically extracting as much information as possible from the score including title, composer, instrumentation and any instrumental parts. Score Exchange will use the Dynamic Parts function in Sibelius so you may wish to configure the Dynamic Parts before uploading the score. If you do not create dynamic parts in your score before uploading it, then Score Exchange will automatically create them for you. If you wish, you can still manually upload individual instrumental parts to Score Exchange.
  • Score Exchange can accept music in PDF format as well as Sibelius format. This means that you can publish music that you have created in any scoring application, not just the music you have in Sibelius.

Some or all instruments don't play using the correct sound when playing using Scorch?

Some scores on Score Exchange play back using the wrong sound for some or all instruments when using Scorch playback. If you are the owner of the score you can fix this problem.

How to fix the problem:

To fix this issue you need to simply open the score in Sibelius (no matter which version), make sure the playback devices / options are using a General MIDI sound set and play your score. If any instruments then don't have the right sound you can then change / edit them so that they are correct.

Then save your score, go to the My Scores page on Score Exchange and select the 'replace this score with a new file' for the score in question and upload your newly saved score.

More information - why did the sounds go wrong?

When your scores were imported from to Score Exchange we had to take the original .sib file and encrypt it using Sibelius 6 Internet Edition (the current version at the time).

Sibelius 6 uses the Sibelius Sound World which doesn't reset sounds in the same way as previous versions. This means that if your score was created in an older version of Sibelius (pre Sibelius 5) and you did not follow the advice from Sibelius Music (and Score Exchange) to reset the sounds of your score to General Midi before uploading your score, then some of the instruments may not play back in Scorch with the correct sounds. This is because it is not possible to automatically convert old scores in the current version of Sibelius and guarantee to maintain the correct play back sounds unless you have first manually reset the sounds to General Midi.