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Searching and finding music

How can I find the music I want?

The easiest way to find the music that you want is to simply type what you want into the search box at the top of any page. The most relevant results to your search terms will be shown first.

You can also browse the categories of music using the expanding menus at the left of any page. Music is sorted into categories by Instrumentation, Genre, Purpose, Difficulty and Type. Each category has a main page that displays a selection of scores from that category - there's also a button at the top of any category page to show all the music in that category.

Once you have a search result page, you can refine your results by using the options at the left of the search results.

Can I contact a composer/arranger/publisher of a score?

Yes - most publishers who have music on Score Exchange have a contact link displayed below the on-screen preview of their music. You can use this option to send a message directly to the person who submitted that score to Score Exchange. If there is no link displayed then the details of the publisher will be found at the bottom of the first page of music.

What if I can't find the music that I'm looking for?

Score Exchange contains only music that is submitted by our publishers. They are only allowed to submit:

  • Music that they have written.
  • Arrangements of out of copyright work by someone else (in general music is in copyright until 70 years after the death of the original composers)
  • Music which they have obtained written permission to publish from the current copyright holder.

If you have tried searching for the music that you're looking for, and used the refine options to narrow down the search results there is a chance that Score Exchange does not contain what you're looking for.

If you can find a close match, e.g. the right piece but not for the instrumentation you require, feel free to contact the composer/arranger/publisher who submitted the score to Score Exchange using the contact link displayed below the score, or the details often found at the bottom of the first page of each score.