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The import export function for score data

What is the score data import/export feature?

The import / export function allows you to download lots of data that Score Exchange holds about your scores and parts as a CSV file. You can use this for any purpose you like, including loading it all back into Score Exchange again after editing the data.

This means that you can download all your score data, make bulk changes in your favourite spreadsheet application (e.g. Open office, Microsoft Excel, Google Sheets etc) then re-load all your data to update all your scores and parts at the same time.

This opens up many possibilities that would previously have taken hours of manual work. Perhaps you want to increase the price of all your work by 10% - no problem! You can now do this in just a few minutes.

What is a CSV file?

CSV stands for Comma Separated Values - here is more information about CSV files.

What are the column or field definitions for the CSV files that I can import / export?

The score data files that Score Exchange uses contain two types of column - 'standard' columns where there is just one value for each field (e.g. 'Title'), and 'multi' columns where there might be multiple values for each field, (e.g. Purpose)

The CSV file must have a header row to describe the columns. The columns can be in any order in the file - just make sure they are labeled correctly - column names are case sensitive.

Each row in the file then describes either a score or an instrumental part:

Standard Columns

Column name Format Description
ItemID number The score ID or part ID that has been assigned by Score Exchange.
ItemTypeName 'score' or 'part' Used to show if the ItemID field refers to a score or a part
ScoreID number

The score ID that this row related to. The score must be identified even if you are providing details of a part. Where this row is describing a score, then ItemID and ScoreID will be the same.

The ScoreID is assigned by Score Exchange can can be found on your My Scores page. If you're uploading data for a new score that isn't available on Score Exchange yet, then you should use the ScoreSKU column instead.

ScoreSKU text Your own reference code for this score. You can use this instead of ScoreID if you wish. If you provide both ScoreID and ScoreSKU, then ScoreID takes precedence.
PartSKU text Your own reference code for this part. You can use this instead of ItemID when ItemTypeName is 'part'. If you provide both ItemID and PartSKU, then ScoreID takes precedence.
Title text For scores: the title of the score
For parts: the name of this part
SubTitle text Scores only. The subtitle for the score
InstrumentationID number Scores only. The ID of the instrumentation for this score
SoloInstrumentID number Scores only. The ID of the solo instrument for this score (if the chosen instrumentation requires a solo instrument)
DifficultyID number Scores only. The ID of the difficulty for this score
TypeID number Scores only. The ID for the type of this score (composition / arrangement etc)
ArrangementYear four digits Scores only. The year that arrangement was made
CompositionYear four digits Scores only. The year this score was composed.
Duration number Scores only. The duration of this score in minutes.
ProgramNote text Scores only. The program note for the score. You can add formatting to the text in the same way as manually editing the program note from your My Scores page.
Price number

This column should contains numbers only - do not include any currency symbols.

For scores: The price of this score in USD.
For parts: The price of this part in USD when the part is not using the DefaultPartPrice for this score.

PriceScoreAndParts number

Score only. This column should contains numbers only - do not include any currency symbols.

The price of the score and a full set of instrumental parts when they are purchased together.

PriceSetOfParts number

Score only. This column should contains numbers only - do not include any currency symbols.

The price of a full set of parts for this score.

SellingScoreOption 0 or 1

Score only.

0 = When buying this score, buying the parts is optional

1 = When buying this score, buying a set of parts is required (make sure that you set a price for PriceSetOfParts and/or PriceScoreAndParts)

SellingPartsOption 0, 2 or 3

Score only. Note - '1' is not a valid value for this field.

0 = The parts for this score can be purchased individually

2 = The parts for this score can only be purchased as a full set of parts (make sure that you set a price for PriceSetOfParts)

3 = The parts for this score can only be purchased as a full set of parts and also requires a purchase of the score (make sure that you set a price for PriceSetOfParts and/or PriceScoreAndParts)

DefaultPartPrice number Scores only. The default price of parts for this score.
ComposerIsMe 0 or 1 Scores only. Is the composer of this score you?
ComposerName text Scores only. The name of the composer - has no effect if ComposerIsMe = 1
ArrangerIsMe 0 or 1 Scores only. Is the arranger of this score you?
ArrangerName text Scores only. The name of the arranger - has no effect if ArrangerIsMe = 1
LyricistIsMe 0 or 1 Scores only. Is the lyricist of this score you?
LyricistName text Scores only. The name of the lyricist - has no effect if LyricistIsMe = 1
Copyright text Scores only. The copyright information for this score
Dedication text Scores only. The dedication for this score.
ResellerNetwork 0 or 1 Scores only. Is this score available to the reseller network?
Hidden 0 or 1 Scores only. Is this score hidden from public view?
PDFFooter0, 1 or 2Scores only.
0 = Use my account default
1 = Do add a footer
2 = Do not add a footer
PartPriceIsDefault 0 or 1

Parts only.
1 = The price of this part is its scores DefaultPartPrice
2 = The price of this part is set manually using the Price field

LicenseScore 0, 1 or 2

Scores only.

0 = Customers can print as many copies as they require
1 = Customers must purchase additional copies
2 = Use your accounts default setting

LicenseParts 0, 1 or 2

Scores only.

0 = Customers can print as many copies of the parts for this score as they require
1 = Customers must purchase additional copies of the parts for this score
2 = Use your accounts default setting

LicensePerformance 0, 1 or 2

Scores only.

0 = Customers must contact me to obtain permission for performances
1 = Customers are automatically granted permission for performances
2 = Use your accounts default setting

LicenseRecording 0, 1 or 2

Scores only.

0 = Customers must contact me to obtain permission to make a recording
1 = Customers are automatically granted permission to make a recording
2 = Use your accounts default setting

LicenseProfit 0, 1 or 2

Scores only.

0 = Customers must contact me to obtain permission before profiting from a recording
1 = Customers are automatically granted permission to profit from the recording they have made
2 = Use your accounts default setting



Multi-columns are named by using the name followed by an underscore then a number. The number should increase each time you use the column.

E.g. if you are describing a score and you wish to set two different 'purpose' values, then you would need columns for 'PurposeID_1' and 'PurposeID_2'

Column name Format Description
GenreID number Scores only. The genre IDs for this score - maximum of two
PurposeID number Scores only. The purpose IDs for this score - maximum of three
InstrumentID number Parts only.The instrument IDs that appear in this part. This information is used by the Score Exchange search function so it's important to specify the instruments in each part. This is different from the Title field for each part. e.g. in a some large scores, there might be a part with a Title of 'Choir' and InstrumentIDs for 'Soprano', 'Alto', 'Tenor' & 'Bass'.

Can I get an example data file to help me understand the column descriptions?


As long as you have at least one score available on your My Scores page, then you can export the data using the import / export page. The files that Score Exchange creates are the same format as the files that you should upload to make changes.

The download is a good example or template as you can see your own current score data in the correct CSV format.

What are the ID numbers that I need to use for purpose, genre, instrumentation etc when making my CSV file?

Here are the ID numbers for each value:


ID Name
10Blues music
1Classical music
5Classroom materials
9Folk music
4Jazz music
11Latin music
2Modern classical music
8Ragtime music
6Rock and Pop Music
3World music


ID Name
12A specific event > Baptism
13A specific event > Bar / Bat Mitzvah
11A specific event > Birthdays
6A specific event > Christmas
7A specific event > Christmas (sacred)
8A specific event > Easter
10A specific event > Funerals
14A specific event > Harvest festivals
15A specific event > National days
9A specific event > Weddings
16Film / TV soundtracks
1General performance
3Learning or teaching how to play an instrument
4Learning or teaching music theory
18National anthems
2Work in progress for review / critique


ID Name
29Jazz > Big band
1Band > Brass band
2Band > Concert band / wind band
6Band > Drum corps
4Band > Marching band
5Band > Military band
3Band > School band
7Chamber groups > Brass choir
8Chamber groups > Brass quartet
9Chamber groups > Brass quintet
10Chamber groups > Brass trio
20Chamber groups > Clarinet choir
21Chamber groups > Double reed ensemble
19Chamber groups > Piano trio
11Chamber groups > Saxophone quartet
12Chamber groups > String quartet
13Chamber groups > String quintet
14Chamber groups > String trio
15Chamber groups > Wind quartet
16Chamber groups > Wind quintet
17Chamber groups > Woodwind choir
18Chamber groups > Woodwind trio
22Choral & song > Choir
25Choral & song > Choir (barbershop)
23Choral & song > Choir + keyboard
24Orchestral > Choir + orchestra
27Choral & song > Voice + guitar
26Choral & song > Voice + keyboard
59Groups of the same instrument > Piano four hands
42Groups of the same instrument > Duet
43Groups of the same instrument > Trio
44Groups of the same instrument > Quartet
45Groups of the same instrument > Quintet
46Groups of the same instrument > Sextet
47Groups of the same instrument > Septet
48Groups of the same instrument > Octet
28Handbell > Handbells
29Jazz > Big band
30Jazz > Jazz combo
32Jazz > Jazz quartet
31Jazz > Jazz trio
33Latin > Mariachi band
34Latin > Salsa band
58Lead / worksheets > Leadsheets
57Lead / worksheets > Worksheets
49Mixed ensembles > Duet
50Mixed ensembles > Trio
51Mixed ensembles > Quartet
52Mixed ensembles > Quintet
53Mixed ensembles > Sextet
54Mixed ensembles > Septet
55Mixed ensembles > Octet
56Mixed ensembles > Large mixed ensemble
35Orchestral > Orchestra
37Orchestral > String orchestra
24Orchestral > Choir + orchestra
65Solo instrument > Orchestra + solo
38Orff > Orff ensemble
6Band > Drum corps
38Orff > Orff ensemble
64Percussion > Percussion ensemble
63Percussion > Percussion ensemble (pitched)
62Percussion > Percussion ensemble (unpitched)
59Groups of the same instrument > Piano four hands
23Choral & song > Choir + keyboard
60Piano / keys and... > Solo instrument + piano
26Choral & song > Voice + keyboard
39Rock and Pop > Pop group
40Rock and Pop > R & B band
71Solo instrument > Cello
73Solo instrument > Clarinet
72Solo instrument > Flute
76Solo instrument > Guitar
74Solo instrument > Oboe
67Solo instrument > Piano
69Solo instrument > Saxophone
75Solo instrument > Trombone
66Solo instrument > Trumpet
68Solo instrument > Violin
70Solo instrument > Voice
41Solo instrument > Solo instrument
60Piano / keys and... > Solo instrument + piano
65Solo instrument > Orchestra + solo


ID Name
2Easy (Grades 1-3)
3Moderate (Grades 4-6)
4Difficult (Grades 7+)
1Not applicable (e.g. worksheet)


ID Name
1Brass : Alp-Horn in F
2Brass : Alp-Horn in G
3Brass : Baritone Bugle in G
4Brass : Contrabass Bugle in G
5Brass : Euphonium Bugle in G
6Brass : Mellophone Bugle in G
7Brass : Soprano Bugle in G
8Brass : Cimbasso in Bb
9Brass : Cimbasso in Eb
10Brass : Cimbasso in F
11Brass : Cornet in A
12Brass : Cornet in Bb
13Brass : Tenor Trombone
14Brass : Trombone in Bb [treble clef]
15Brass : Trumpet in A
16Brass : Trumpet in B [no key]
17Brass : Bass Trumpet in Bb
18Brass : Bass Trumpet in Eb
19Brass : Trumpet in Bb
20Brass : Trumpet in Bb [no key]
21Brass : Trumpet in C
22Brass : Trumpet in D
23Brass : Trumpet in Db
24Brass : Trumpet in E [no key]
25Brass : Trumpet in Eb
26Brass : Trumpet in F
27Brass : Trumpet in G [no key]
28Brass : Piccolo Trumpet in A
29Brass : Piccolo Trumpet in Bb
30Brass : Tenor Trumpet in Eb
31Brass : Tuba
32Brass : Tuba in F
33Brass : Tenor Tuba (Wagner, in Bb)
34Brass : Tenor Tuba [bass clef]
35Brass : Wagner Tuba in Bb
36Brass : Wagner Tuba in F
37Keyboards : Applause
38Keyboards : Birdsong
39Keyboards : Helicopter
40Keyboards : Ondes Martenot
41Keyboards : Sampler
42Keyboards : Seashore
43Keyboards : Tape
44Keyboards : Telephone
45Keyboards : Theremin
46Guitars : Bajo [notation]
47Guitars : Bajo, 6-string [tab]
48Guitars : Bajo, 4-string [tab]
49Guitars : Bajo, 5-string [tab]
50Guitars : Alto Balalaika [notation]
51Guitars : Alto Balalaika [tab]
52Guitars : Bass Balalaika [notation]
53Guitars : Bass Balalaika [tab]
54Guitars : Contrabass Balalaika [notation]
55Guitars : Contrabass Balalaika [tab]
56Guitars : Prima Balalaika [notation]
57Guitars : Prima Balalaika [tab]
58Guitars : Second Balalaika [notation]
59Guitars : Second Balalaika [tab]
60Guitars : Bandola [notation]
61Guitars : Bandola [tab]
62Guitars : Bandolón [notation]
63Guitars : Bandolón [tab]
64Guitars : Bandurria [notation]
65Guitars : Bandurria [tab]
66Guitars : Banjo [notation]
67Guitars : Banjo (aDADE tuning) [tab]
68Guitars : Banjo (aEADE tuning) [tab]
69Guitars : Banjo (gCGBD tuning) [tab]
70Guitars : Banjo (gCGCD tuning) [tab]
71Guitars : Banjo (gDF#AD tuning) [tab]
72Guitars : Banjo (gDGBD tuning) [tab]
73Guitars : Banjo (gDGCD tuning) [tab]
74Guitars : Tenor Banjo [notation]
75Guitars : Tenor Banjo [tab]
76Guitars : Bordonúa [notation]
77Guitars : Bordonúa [tab]
78Guitars : Cavaquinho [notation]
79Guitars : Cavaquinho [tab]
80Guitars : Charango [notation]
81Guitars : Charango [tab]
82Guitars : Cuatro [notation]
83Guitars : Cuatro, Puerto Rico [tab]
84Guitars : Cuatro, Venezuela [tab]
85Guitars : Resonator guitar [notation]
86Guitars : Resonator Guitar, A6 tuning [tab]
87Guitars : Resonator Guitar, B11 tuning [tab]
88Guitars : Resonator Guitar, C#m tuning [tab]
89Guitars : Resonator Guitar, C6+A7 tuning [tab]
90Guitars : Resonator Guitar, C6 + high G tuning [tab]
91Guitars : Resonator Guitar, standard tuning [tab]
92Guitars : Resonator Guitar, C#m7 tuning [tab]
93Guitars : Resonator Guitar, E13 Hawaiian tuning [tab]
94Guitars : Resonator Guitar, E13 Western tuning [tab]
95Guitars : Resonator Guitar, open A tuning [tab]
96Guitars : Resonator Guitar, open G tuning [tab]
97Keyboards : Dulcimer
98Keyboards : Dulcimer [notation]
99Keyboards : Dulcimer (DAA tuning) [tab]
100Keyboards : Dulcimer (DAD tuning) [tab]
101Guitars : Gamba [notation]
102Guitars : Gamba [tab]
103Guitars : 12-string Acoustic Guitar [notation]
104Guitars : 12-string Acoustic Guitar, DADGAD tuning [tab]
105Guitars : 12-string Acoustic Guitar, double D tuning [tab]
106Guitars : 12-string Acoustic Guitar, dropped D tuning [tab]
107Guitars : 12-string Acoustic Guitar, open D tuning [tab]
108Guitars : 12-string Acoustic Guitar, open E tuning [tab]
109Guitars : 12-string Acoustic Guitar, open G tuning [tab]
110Guitars : 12-string Acoustic Guitar, standard tuning (no rhythms) [tab]
111Guitars : 12-string Acoustic Guitar, standard tuning [tab]
112Guitars : Acoustic Guitar [notation]
113Guitars : Acoustic Guitar, DADGAD tuning [tab]
114Guitars : Acoustic Guitar, double D tuning [tab]
115Guitars : Acoustic Guitar, dropped D tuning [tab]
116Guitars : Acoustic Guitar, modal D tuning [tab]
117Guitars : Acoustic Guitar, Nashville tuning [tab]
118Guitars : Acoustic Guitar, open A tuning [tab]
119Guitars : Acoustic Guitar, open C tuning [tab]
120Guitars : Acoustic Guitar, open D tuning [tab]
121Guitars : Acoustic Guitar, open Dm cross-note tuning [tab]
122Guitars : Acoustic Guitar, open E tuning [tab]
123Guitars : Acoustic Guitar, open G tuning [tab]
124Guitars : Acoustic Guitar, standard tuning (no rhythms) [tab]
125Guitars : Acoustic Guitar, standard tuning [tab]
126Guitars : 4-string Bass Guitar [notation]
127Guitars : 4-string Bass Guitar [tab]
128Guitars : 5-string Bass Guitar [notation]
129Guitars : 5-string Bass Guitar [tab]
130Guitars : Bass Guitar [notation]
131Guitars : 6-string Bass Guitar [notation]
132Guitars : 6-string Bass Guitar [tab]
133Strings : Acoustic Bass [notation]
134Guitars : Acoustic Bass [tab]
135Guitars : 5-string Electric Bass [notation]
136Guitars : 5-string Electric Bass [tab]
137Guitars : Electric Bass [notation]
138Guitars : 6-string Electric Bass [notation]
139Guitars : 6-string Electric Bass [tab]
140Guitars : 5-string Fretless Electric Bass
141Guitars : 5-string Fretless Electric Bass [tab]
142Guitars : Fretless Electric Bass [notation]
143Guitars : 6-string Fretless Electric Bass
144Guitars : 6-string Fretless Electric Bass [tab]
145Guitars : Fretless Electric Bass [tab]
146Guitars : Electric Bass [tab]
147Guitars : 5-string Fretless Bass Guitar [notation]
148Guitars : 5-string Fretless Bass Guitar [tab]
149Guitars : Fretless Bass Guitar [notation]
150Guitars : 6-string Fretless Bass Guitar [notation]
151Guitars : 6-string Fretless Bass Guitar [tab]
152Guitars : Fretless Bass Guitar [tab]
153Guitars : Semi-Acoustic Bass [notation]
154Guitars : Semi-Acoustic Bass [tab]
155Guitars : Bass Guitar [tab]
156Guitars : Bass Guitar [tab, with rhythms]
157Guitars : Classical Guitar [notation]
158Guitars : Classical Guitar, DADGAD tuning [tab]
159Guitars : Classical Guitar, double D tuning [tab]
160Guitars : Classical Guitar, dropped D tuning [tab]
161Guitars : Classical Guitar, open D tuning [tab]
162Guitars : Classical Guitar, open E tuning [tab]
163Guitars : Classical Guitar, open G tuning [tab]
164Guitars : Classical Guitar, standard tuning (no rhythms) [tab]
165Guitars : Classical Guitar, standard tuning [tab]
166Guitars : Electric Guitar [notation]
167Guitars : 7-string Electric Guitar, low A tuning [tab]
168Guitars : 7-string Electric Guitar, low B tuning [tab]
169Guitars : Electric Guitar, DADGAD tuning [tab]
170Guitars : Electric Guitar, double D tuning [tab]
171Guitars : Electric Guitar, dropped D tuning [tab]
172Guitars : Electric Guitar, open D tuning [tab]
173Guitars : Electric Guitar, open E tuning [tab]
174Guitars : Electric Guitar, open G tuning [tab]
175Guitars : Electric Guitar, standard tuning (no rhythms) [tab]
176Guitars : Electric Guitar, standard tuning [tab]
177Guitars : Kora
178Guitars : Semi-acoustic Guitar [notation]
179Guitars : Semi-acoustic Guitar, DADGAD tuning [tab]
180Guitars : Semi-acoustic Guitar, double D tuning [tab]
181Guitars : Semi-acoustic Guitar, dropped D tuning [tab]
182Guitars : Semi-acoustic Guitar, open D tuning [tab]
183Guitars : Semi-acoustic Guitar, open E tuning [tab]
184Guitars : Semi-acoustic Guitar, open G tuning [tab]
185Guitars : Semi-acoustic Guitar, standard tuning (no rhythms) [tab]
186Guitars : Semi-acoustic Guitar, standard tuning [tab]
187Guitars : 10-string Hawaiian Steel Guitar [tab]
188Guitars : Hawaiian Steel Guitar [notation]
189Guitars : 6-string Hawaiian Steel Guitar, standard tuning [tab]
190Guitars : 6-string Hawaiian Steel Guitar, alternate tuning [tab]
191Guitars : 6-string Hawaiian Steel Guitar, slack key Bb Mauna Loa tuning [tab]
192Guitars : 6-string Hawaiian Steel Guitar, slack key C Mauna Loa tuning [tab]
193Guitars : 6-string Hawaiian Steel Guitar, slack key Wahine CGDGBD tuning [tab]
194Guitars : 6-string Hawaiian Steel Guitar, slack key Wahine CGDGBE tuning [tab]
195Guitars : 6-string Hawaiian Steel Guitar, slack key Wahine DGDF#BD tuning [tab]
196Guitars : 6-string Hawaiian Steel Guitar, slack key G Mauna Loa tuning [tab]
197Guitars : 6-string Hawaiian Steel Guitar, slack key G Taro Patch tuning [tab]
198Guitars : 6-string Hawaiian Steel Guitar, slack key Wahine GCDGBE tuning [tab]
199Guitars : 8-string Hawaiian Steel Guitar [tab]
200Guitars : 8-string Hawaiian Steel Guitar, alternate tuning [tab]
201Guitars : Hawaiian Steel Guitar [tab]
202Guitars : Pedal Steel Guitar [notation]
203Guitars : Pedal Steel Guitar [tab]
204Guitars : Guitarra [notation]
205Guitars : Guitarra, Coimbra [tab]
206Guitars : Guitarra, Lisboa [tab]
207Guitars : Guitarra, Portuguesa [tab]
208Guitars : Guitarrón [notation]
209Guitars : Guitarrón [tab]
210Guitars : Laúd [notation]
211Guitars : Laúd [tab]
212Guitars : Tenor Lute [notation]
213Guitars : Bass Lute [notation]
214Guitars : Bass Lute, D tuning, French/English [tab]
215Guitars : Bass Lute, D tuning, Italian [tab]
216Guitars : Bass Lute, D tuning, Spanish [tab]
217Guitars : Tenor Lute, G tuning, Italian [tab]
218Guitars : Tenor Lute, G tuning, Spanish [tab]
219Guitars : Tenor Lute, G tuning, French/English [tab]
220Guitars : Tenor Lute, A tuning, French/English [tab]
221Guitars : Tenor Lute, A tuning, Italian [tab]
222Guitars : Tenor Lute, A tuning, Spanish [tab]
223Guitars : Treble Lute [notation]
224Guitars : Treble Lute, D tuning, French/English [tab]
225Guitars : Treble Lute, D tuning, Italian [tab]
226Guitars : Treble Lute, D tuning, Spanish [tab]
227Guitars : Mandolin [notation]
228Guitars : Mandolin [tab]
229Guitars : Oud [notation]
230Guitars : Oud [tab]
231Guitars : Qanoon
232Guitars : Requinto [notation]
233Guitars : Requinto [tab]
234Guitars : Santoor
235Guitars : Sitar [notation]
236Guitars : Sitar (Ravi Shankar) [tab]
237Guitars : Sitar (Vilayat Khan) [tab]
238Guitars : Tambura (Female) [notation]
239Guitars : Tambura (Male) [notation]
240Guitars : Tiple [notation]
241Guitars : Tiple, Argentina [tab]
242Guitars : Tiple, Colombia ADF#B tuning [tab]
243Guitars : Tiple, Colombia DGBE tuning [tab]
244Guitars : Tiple, Cuba [tab]
245Guitars : Tiple, Peru [tab]
246Guitars : Tiple, Santo Domingo [tab]
247Guitars : Tiple, Uruguay [tab]
248Guitars : Tres [notation]
249Guitars : Tres, GCE tuning [tab]
250Guitars : Tres, ADF# tuning [tab]
251Guitars : Tres, GBE tuning [tab]
252Guitars : Ukulele [notation]
253Guitars : Ukulele [tab]
254Guitars : Vihuela [notation]
255Guitars : Vihuela [tab]
256Guitars : Zither
257Keyboards : Keyboard
258Keyboards : Accordion
259Keyboards : Bandoneon
260Keyboards : Celesta
261Keyboards : Clavichord
262Keyboards : Harmonium
263Keyboards : Harpsichord
264Keyboards : Keyboards
265Keyboards : Tape Sampler Keyboard [Brass]
266Keyboards : Tape Sampler Keyboard [Choir]
267Keyboards : Tape Sampler Keyboard [Flute]
268Keyboards : Tape Sampler Keyboard [Strings]
269Keyboards : Melodeon
270Keyboards : Electric Organ
271Keyboards : Organ [manuals]
272Keyboards : Manual [solo organ manuals]
273Keyboards : Ped. [Organ pedals]
274Keyboards : Pedal [solo organ pedals]
275Keyboards : Piano
276Keyboards : Electric Piano
277Keyboards : Electric Clavichord
278Keyboards : Electric Stage Piano
279Keyboards : Overdriven Electric Piano
280Keyboards : Honky-tonk Piano
281Keyboards : Synthesizer
282Percussion (unpitched) : Unnamed (2 lines)
283Percussion (unpitched) : Unnamed (3 lines)
284Percussion (unpitched) : Unnamed (4 lines)
285Keyboards : Unnamed (bass staff)
286Keyboards : No instrument.(barlines shown)
287Keyboards : No instrument.(bar rests shown)
288Keyboards : No instrument.(hidden)
289Keyboards : Solo
290Keyboards : Unnamed (treble staff)
291Percussion (pitched) : Almglocken
292Percussion (pitched) : Antique Cymbals
293Percussion (pitched) : Chimes
294Percussion (pitched) : Chimes [no key]
295Percussion (pitched) : Bell lyre [marching band]
296Percussion (pitched) : Orchestral Bells
297Percussion (pitched) : Tubular Bells
298Percussion (pitched) : Cimbalom
299Percussion (pitched) : Crotales
300Percussion (pitched) : Steel Drums
301Percussion (pitched) : Steel Drums [bass clef, treble transp.]
302Percussion (pitched) : Gamelan Kengong
303Percussion (pitched) : Gamelan Slentam
304Percussion (pitched) : Glockenspiel
305Percussion (pitched) : Alto Glockenspiel
306Percussion (pitched) : Soprano Glockenspiel
307Percussion (pitched) : Handbells
308Strings : Harp
309Strings : Lever Harp
310Percussion (pitched) : Kalimba
311Percussion (pitched) : Marimba [grand staff]
312Percussion (pitched) : Marimba [treble staff]
313Percussion (pitched) : Alto Metallophone
314Percussion (pitched) : Bass Metallophone
315Percussion (pitched) : Soprano Metallophone
316Percussion (pitched) : Roto-toms
317Percussion (pitched) : Temple Blocks
318Percussion (unpitched) : Timpani [with key]
319Percussion (unpitched) : Timpani [no key]
320Percussion (pitched) : Vibraphone
321Percussion (unpitched) : Wood Blocks [5 lines]
322Percussion (pitched) : Xylophone
323Percussion (pitched) : Alto Xylophone
324Percussion (pitched) : Bass Xylophone
325Percussion (pitched) : Contra Bass Bar
326Percussion (pitched) : Gyil
327Percussion (pitched) : Soprano Xylophone
328Percussion (pitched) : Xylorimba
329Singers : Alto
330Singers : Solo Alto
331Singers : Altus
332Singers : Baritone
333Singers : Solo Baritone
334Singers : Bass
335Singers : Solo Bass
336Singers : Bassus
337Singers : Cantus
338Singers : Choir
339Singers : Contralto
340Singers : Countertenor
341Singers : Mean
342Singers : Mezzo-soprano
343Singers : Quintus
344Singers : Secundus
345Singers : Soprano
346Singers : Solo Soprano
347Singers : Tenor
348Singers : Solo Tenor
349Singers : Treble
350Singers : Solo Treble
351Singers : Voice
352Singers : Voice [male]
353Strings : Contrabass
354Strings : Bass [Double]
355Strings : Double Bass
356Strings : Solo Contrabass
357Strings : String Bass
358Strings : Upright Bass
359Strings : Hurdy-gurdy
360Strings : Sarangi
361Strings : Strings
362Strings : Strings [reduction]
363Strings : Bass Viol
364Strings : Tenor Viol
365Strings : Treble Viol
366Strings : Viola
367Strings : Solo Viola
368Strings : Violin 1
369Strings : Violin 2
370Strings : Violin I
371Strings : Violin II
372Strings : Solo Violin
373Strings : Violoncello
374Strings : Solo Violoncello
375Percussion (unpitched) : Anvil
376Percussion (unpitched) : Cha-cha bell [1 line]
377Percussion (unpitched) : Mambo bell [1 line]
378Percussion (unpitched) : Sleigh Bells
379Percussion (unpitched) : Brake Drum [1 line]
380Percussion (unpitched) : Cabasa [1 line]
381Percussion (unpitched) : Cabasa [2 lines]
382Percussion (unpitched) : Castanets
383Percussion (unpitched) : Shaker, Caxixi [1 line]
384Percussion (unpitched) : Claves [1 line]
385Percussion (unpitched) : Shaker, Cocoa Bean Rattle [1 line]
386Percussion (unpitched) : Finger Cymbals [1 line]
387Percussion (unpitched) : Percussion [1 line]
388Percussion (unpitched) : Percussion [2 lines]
389Percussion (unpitched) : Berimbau
390Percussion (unpitched) : Percussion [3 lines]
391Percussion (unpitched) : Percussion [4 lines]
392Percussion (unpitched) : Percussion [5 lines]
393Percussion (unpitched) : Agogos [2 lines]
394Percussion (unpitched) : Bass Drum
395Percussion (unpitched) : Bass Drum [5 lines]
396Percussion (unpitched) : Marching Bass Drum [3 lines]
397Percussion (unpitched) : Marching Bass Drum [5 lines]
398Percussion (unpitched) : Itótele [Batá Drum]
399Percussion (unpitched) : Iyá [Batá Drum]
400Percussion (unpitched) : Okónkolo [Batá Drum]
401Percussion (unpitched) : Bongos [2 lines]
402Percussion (unpitched) : Bongo Bell [High]
403Percussion (unpitched) : Bongo Bell [Low]
404Percussion (unpitched) : Box
405Percussion (unpitched) : Cajon [2 lines]
406Percussion (unpitched) : Congas [2 lines]
407Percussion (unpitched) : Congas [1 line]
408Percussion (unpitched) : Congas [3 lines]
409Percussion (unpitched) : Congas [4 lines]
410Percussion (unpitched) : Cuíca [3 lines]
411Percussion (unpitched) : Cymbals
412Percussion (unpitched) : Marching Cymbals [5 lines]
413Percussion (unpitched) : Djembe [3 lines]
414Percussion (unpitched) : Drum Set (Rock)
415Percussion (unpitched) : Drum Set (Alternative)
416Percussion (unpitched) : Drum Set (Brushes)
417Percussion (unpitched) : Drum Set (Dance)
418Percussion (unpitched) : Drum Set (Disco)
419Percussion (unpitched) : Drum Set (Electronica)
420Percussion (unpitched) : Drum Set (Fusion)
421Percussion (unpitched) : Drum Set (Garage)
422Percussion (unpitched) : Drum Set (Hip-hop)
423Percussion (unpitched) : Drum Set (Industrial)
424Percussion (unpitched) : Drum Set (Jazz)
425Percussion (unpitched) : Drum Set (Lo-Fi)
426Percussion (unpitched) : Drum Set (Metal)
427Percussion (unpitched) : Drum Set (Motown)
428Percussion (unpitched) : Drum Set (New Age)
429Percussion (unpitched) : Drum Set (Pop)
430Percussion (unpitched) : Drum Set (Reggae)
431Percussion (unpitched) : Drum Set (Stadium Rock)
432Percussion (unpitched) : Drum Set (Rods)
433Percussion (unpitched) : Drum Set (Drum Machine)
434Percussion (unpitched) : Dumbek [3 lines]
435Percussion (unpitched) : Kidi [Ewe Drum]
436Percussion (unpitched) : Sogo [Ewe Drum]
437Percussion (unpitched) : Gankokwe (Bell)
438Percussion (unpitched) : Jam Blocks [2 lines]
439Percussion (unpitched) : Jawbone [1 line]
440Percussion (unpitched) : Pandeiro [2 lines]
441Percussion (unpitched) : Rain Stick (High) [1 line]
442Percussion (unpitched) : Rain Stick (Low) [1 line]
443Percussion (unpitched) : Egg Shaker (High) [1 line]
444Percussion (unpitched) : Egg Shaker (Low) [1 line]
445Percussion (unpitched) : Egg Shaker (Medium) [1 line]
446Percussion (unpitched) : Side Drum
447Percussion (unpitched) : Snare Drum
448Percussion (unpitched) : Marching Snare Drums [5 lines]
449Percussion (unpitched) : Surdo [2 lines]
450Percussion (unpitched) : Tabla
451Percussion (unpitched) : Taiko Drum
452Percussion (unpitched) : Tenor Drum
453Percussion (unpitched) : Marching Tenor Drums [5 lines]
454Percussion (unpitched) : Quads [5 lines]
455Percussion (unpitched) : Tom-toms [5 lines]
456Percussion (unpitched) : Tom-toms [4 lines]
457Percussion (unpitched) : Udu
458Percussion (unpitched) : Shaker, Egg Shaker [1 line]
459Percussion (unpitched) : Finger Click [1 line]
460Percussion (unpitched) : Gamelan Gong Ageng (High) [1 line]
461Percussion (unpitched) : Gamelan Gong Ageng (Low) [1 line]
462Percussion (unpitched) : Gamelan Kempyang and Ketuk [2 lines]
463Percussion (unpitched) : Gamelan Khendang Ageng [1 line]
464Percussion (unpitched) : Gamelan Khendang Ciblon [1 line]
465Percussion (unpitched) : Large Gong [1 line]
466Percussion (unpitched) : Medium Gong [1 line]
467Percussion (unpitched) : Gourd [1 line]
468Percussion (unpitched) : Guira [1 line]
469Percussion (unpitched) : Guiro (High) [1 line]
470Percussion (unpitched) : Guiro (Medium) [1 line]
471Percussion (unpitched) : Handclap [1 line]
472Percussion (unpitched) : Shaker, Kayamba [1 line]
473Percussion (unpitched) : Maracas
474Percussion (unpitched) : Shaker, Gourd Maracas [1 line]
475Percussion (unpitched) : Maracas [High]
476Percussion (unpitched) : Maracas [Medium]
477Percussion (unpitched) : Mark tree [1 line]
478Percussion (unpitched) : Shaker, Nsak Rattle [1 line]
479Percussion (unpitched) : Finger Snaps
480Percussion (unpitched) : Hand Claps
481Percussion (unpitched) : Patsch
482Percussion (unpitched) : Stamp
483Percussion (unpitched) : Salsa bell [1 line]
484Percussion (unpitched) : Shaker [1 line]
485Percussion (unpitched) : Shaker, Shekere [1 line]
486Percussion (unpitched) : Tam-tam
487Percussion (unpitched) : Tambourine
488Percussion (unpitched) : Timbales [2 lines]
489Percussion (unpitched) : Timbales [5 lines]
490Percussion (unpitched) : Triangle
491Percussion (unpitched) : Shaker, Wasembe Rattle (High) [1 line]
492Percussion (unpitched) : Shaker, Wasembe Rattle (Low) [1 line]
493Percussion (unpitched) : Shaker, Wasembe Rattle (Medium) [1 line]
494Percussion (unpitched) : Whip
495Percussion (unpitched) : Whistle
496Percussion (unpitched) : Wind Chimes [1 line]
497Percussion (unpitched) : Wood Block [1 line]
498Woodwind : Bagpipes
499Woodwind : Basset Horn
500Woodwind : Bassoon
501Woodwind : Contrabassoon
502Woodwind : Quart Bassoon
503Woodwind : Quint Bassoon
504Woodwind : Clarinet in A
505Woodwind : Clarinet in Ab
506Woodwind : Alto Clarinet in Eb
507Woodwind : Alto Clarinet in Eb [bass clef, treble transp.]
508Woodwind : Bass Clarinet in Bb
509Woodwind : Bass Clarinet in Bb [score sounds 8vb]
510Woodwind : Bass Clarinet in Bb [bass clef, treble transp.]
511Woodwind : Clarinet in Bb
512Woodwind : Clarinet in C
513Woodwind : Contra Alto Clarinet in Eb
514Woodwind : Contra Alto Clarinet in Eb [score sounds 8vb]
515Woodwind : Contra Alto Clarinet in Eb [bass clef, treble transp.]
516Woodwind : Contrabass Clarinet in Bb
517Woodwind : Contrabass Clarinet in Bb [score sounds 15mb]
518Woodwind : Contrabass Clarinet in Bb [bass clef, treble transp.]
519Woodwind : Clarinet in D
520Woodwind : Clarinet in Eb
521Woodwind : Clarinet in G
522Woodwind : Cor Anglais
523Woodwind : Didgeridoo
524Woodwind : Duduk
525Woodwind : English Horn
526Woodwind : Flageolet
527Woodwind : Flute
528Woodwind : Alto Flute
529Woodwind : Bansuri
530Woodwind : Bass Flute
531Woodwind : Eb Flute
532Woodwind : G Flute
533Woodwind : Harmonica
534Woodwind : Heckelphone
535Woodwind : Mey
536Woodwind : Nai
537Woodwind : Oboe
538Woodwind : Baritone Oboe
539Woodwind : Bass Oboe
540Woodwind : Oboe d'Amore
541Woodwind : Ocarina
542Woodwind : Panpipes
543Woodwind : Piccolo
544Woodwind : Military Piccolo in Db
545Woodwind : Alto Recorder
546Woodwind : Bass Recorder
547Woodwind : Great Bass Recorder
548Woodwind : Contrabass Recorder
549Woodwind : Descant Recorder
550Woodwind : Sopranino Recorder
551Woodwind : Soprano Recorder
552Woodwind : Tenor Recorder
553Woodwind : Treble Recorder
554Woodwind : Alto Saxophone
555Woodwind : Baritone Saxophone
556Woodwind : Baritone Saxophone [score sounds 8vb]
557Woodwind : Baritone Saxophone [bass clef, treble transp.]
558Woodwind : Bass Saxophone
559Woodwind : Bass Saxophone [score sounds 15mb]
560Woodwind : Bass Saxophone [bass clef, treble transp.]
561Woodwind : C Melody Saxophone
562Woodwind : Contrabass (Tubax) Saxophone
563Woodwind : Contrabass (Tubax) Saxophone [score sounds 15mb]
564Woodwind : Contrabass (Tubax) Sax [bass clef, treble transp.]
565Woodwind : F Mezzo Soprano Saxophone
566Woodwind : Sopranino Saxophone
567Woodwind : Piccolo Saxophone in Bb [Soprillo]
568Woodwind : Soprano Saxophone
569Woodwind : C Soprano Saxophone
570Woodwind : Subcontrabass (Tubax) Saxophone
571Woodwind : Subcontrabass (Tubax) Saxophone [score sounds 15mb]
572Woodwind : Subcontrabass (Tubax) Sax [bass clef, treble transp.]
573Woodwind : Tenor Saxophone
574Woodwind : Tenor Saxophone [score sounds 8vb]
575Woodwind : Tenor Saxophone [bass clef, treble transp.]
576Woodwind : Woodwind
577Woodwind : Shakuhachi
578Woodwind : Tin Whistle
579Brass : Soprano Cornet in Eb
580Brass : Euphonium in Bb [treble clef]
581Brass : Euphonium in Bb [bass clef, treble transp.]
582Brass : Euphonium in C [bass clef]
583Brass : Euphonium in Bb [bass clef]
584Brass : Flugelhorn
585Brass : Horn in A [no key]
586Brass : Horn in Ab alto [no key]
587Brass : Alto Horn in Eb
588Brass : Alto Horn in F
589Brass : Horn in B [no key]
590Brass : Baritone in Bb [treble clef]
591Brass : Baritone in C [treble clef]
592Brass : Baritone in Bb [bass clef, treble transp.]
593Brass : Baritone in C [bass clef]
594Brass : Bass in Bb
595Brass : Bass in Bb [bass clef, treble transp.]
596Brass : Bass in C
597Brass : Bass in Eb
598Brass : Bass in Eb [bass clef, treble transp.]
599Brass : A Basso Horn [no key]
600Brass : Bb Basso Horn [no key]
601Brass : C Basso Horn [no key]
602Brass : Horn in Bb [no key]
603Brass : Horn in C [no key]
604Brass : Horn in D [no key]
605Brass : Horn in Db [no key]
606Brass : Horn in E [no key]
607Brass : Horn in Eb
608Brass : Horn in Eb [no key]
609Brass : Horn in F
610Brass : Horn in F [bass clef]
611Brass : Horn in F [no key]
612Brass : Horn in F# [no key]
613Brass : Horn in G [no key]
614Brass : Tenor Horn
615Brass : Mellophone in Eb
616Brass : Mellophone in F
617Brass : Mellophonium in Eb
618Brass : Mellophonium in F
619Brass : Ophicleide
620Brass : Brass
621Brass : Serpent
622Brass : Sousaphone in Bb
623Brass : Sousaphone in Eb
624Brass : Trombone
625Brass : Alto Trombone
626Brass : Bass Trombone
627Brass : Trombone in Bb [bass clef, treble transp.]
628Singers : Contrabass Trombone
629Brass : Tape Sampler Keyboard [Brass]
630Singers : Tape Sampler Keyboard [Choir]
631Woodwind : Tape Sampler Keyboard [Flute]
632Strings : Tape Sampler Keyboard [Strings]
633Keyboards : Carillon
634Keyboards : Organ [manuals with pedals]
635Strings : Arpeggione
636Guitars : Baritone Guitar, ADGCEA tuning
637Guitars : Baritone Guitar, BbEbAbDbFBb tuning
638Guitars : Baritone Guitar, BEADF#B tuning
639Keyboards : Melodica

How do I upload the CSV file to make changes to my scores?

Starting from the import / export page, choose the option for Score Data Uploads. This page allows you to upload CSV files containing your new score data and to process files that you have uploaded recently.

If you have not uploaded any files recently then the only option available is to upload a new file. Select your CSV file and press the upload button. This process may take a few minutes depending on the size of your file.

Once your file has uploaded it will be analysed and checked for errors. It will then appear in the list of 'Recent data file uploads'

At this stage nothing has happened to your existing scores. Nothing in your file has affected anything at all, so if your file contains errors, you can edit the file and re-upload as many times as required. No scores or parts will be harmed by doing this.

After uploading a CSV file there were errors or warnings shown. What do I do to fix this?

After you have uploaded a CSV data file using the Score Data Uploads page, the file is analysed for errors. If a problem is found the 'errors' or 'warnings' column in the recent uploads table will indicate the number of problems that were found.

At this stage you should use the 'View Report' button to download the analysis of your CSV file. This report will describe any warnings or errors that were found, along with the details of any changes that you data will make to your scores. The report is a text file, so you can view it in your favourite text application.

If there are any errors that were found, the descriptions should be self explanatory allowing you to correct the problem and re-upload your CSV file. If you find that something doesn't make sense to you, please contact us with your upload ID and a description of the problem so that we can help.

After uploading a CSV file there were no errors or warnings. Why haven't my scores been updated?

After you have uploaded a CSV data file using the Score Data Uploads page, the file is analysed for errors.

Even if there are no warnings or errors you should use the 'View report' button to see the details of what changes will be made to your scores and parts.

If you are happy with the details in the report then you can use the 'Apply now' button to apply your CSV data file to your scores. Until you press the 'Apply now' button, nothing will be changed.

How does the data import function link to the bulk upload function?

When you upload data about scores and parts using a CSV file, you can include data for scores and parts that do not yet exist on Score Exchange. This will produce a warning when the CSV file is analysed, but you can ignore this - it's just a warning and you know what you are doing.

After you have 'applied' a CSV file that contains data for scores or parts that are not yet on Score Exchange, this CSV file is then stored and will be used as a data source when you later use the bulk upload function to upload multiple scores or parts as PDF files.

Only one CSV file upload can be used as a data source when bulk uploading PDF files - the file used will always be the most recent upload, that has been 'applied'.

You might wish to read the FAQ relating to the bulk upload function.