Terms and Conditions for Platinum Publishers on ScoreExchange.com

These are the terms and conditions for being a platinum plublisher on ScoreExchange.com. These conditions are in addition to the general terms and conditions that cover general usage of ScoreExchange.com and also in addition to the terms and conditions for publishers.

1. Definitions

"Platinum Publisher" means any a seller using Score Exchange who has upgraded their standard seller account to a Platinum Publisher level. "Service" means any service provided by us to you at ScoreExchange.com.

2.Service benefits

Platinum publishers who have activated their subscription, will have their purchasable Material promoted by Score Exchange. This will include promotion on ScoreExchange.com and at other locations, for example Facebook and Twitter. Additionally, platinum publishers with an active subscription will be able to set a price of free for their Material on Score Exchange

3. Subscription costs

In return for promoting their Material, Platinum Publishers will pay a monthly fee for the Service. The fee is determined by a fixed monthly cost plus a fee based the number of applicable scores available via Score Exchange in the previous 30 days. The table of fees can be found in the help pages at /help/platinum-publishers

4. Activation of subscription

The subscription cost will only be payable for Platinum Publishers who have activated their subscription, inactive subscriptions will not receive any of the benefits of being a Platinum Publisher.

5. Payment of subscription

The monthly subscription fee will be collected automatically, on the same date each month. The payment can be made using Score Exchange credits, or by using the funds available in your seller account. It is not possible the make regular payments for a Platinum Publisher subscription using a credit card.

If a monthly payment is not made successfully, then the Platinum Publisher subscription will become inactive, until it is manually activated again.