Piano part from Si tu veux, faisons un rêve (F. Thomé / Victor Hugo)

If you want, let’s have a dream

Francis Thomé (1850-1909)
4 minutes
Classical music
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Whereas Saint-Saëns selected 9 stanzas (1-2, 4-7, 11-12, 14) and Alain Jacques 9 stanzas in an initial version (1-5, 8, 12-14) and 6 stanzas in a later version (1, 2, 4, 5, 12, 14), Francis Thomé, here, is selecting 12 stanzas (1-8, 11-14).

Literal translation (AJ) of the 12 stanzas selected by Thomé: 1. If you want, let’s have a dream: Let’s ride two palfreys; You lead, I kidnap you. The bird sings in the woods.

2. I am your master and your prey, Let’s go, it’s the end of the day; My horse will be joy, Your horse will be love.

3. We will make their heads touch; Journeys are easy; We will give to these animals The oats of our kisses.

4. Come! our sweet pretended horses Are both pawing the ground, Mine in the depth of my dreams, And yours in the depth of heaven.

5. Some luggage is needed; We will carry our wishes, Our happinesses, our misery, And the flower of your hair.

6. Come, the evening is darkening the oaks; The sparrow laughs, this mocker; Hear the sweet sound of the chains That you have put around my heart.

7. If won’t be my fault If the forest and the hills, Seeing us close to each other, Would murmur: "Let’s love!"

8. Come, be tender, I am drunk. Oh the green bush covered with dew! Your breath will make you follow Butterflies that have awakened.

11. Let’s go through Austria We will have dawn in front; I will be great, and you rich, For we will love each other.

12. Let’s go by the earth, On our two charming horses, In the azure, in the mystery, In the dazzling amazements!

13. We will enter an inn, And we will pay the innkeeper With thy smile of a virgin, With my greetings of a schoolboy.

14. You will be Dame and me Count; Come, my heart is blooming, Come, we will tell this tale To the stars of the night.

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