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Full details

Choral inappetissant Unappetising chorale For the “Shriveled Up” & the “Stupefied” I have written a serious & proper chorale. This chorale is a sort of bitter preamble, a kind of austere & unfrivolous introduction. I have put into it all I know about Boredom. I dedicate this chorale to those who don’t like me. I withdraw.

La Balançoire The Swing It’s my heart that dangles so. It was not dizzy. As little feet. You want it back in my chest?

La Chasse The Hunt Can you hear the singing rabbit? What a voice! The nightingale is in its burrow. Owl nursing her children. The boar will marry. I open nuts with rifle shots.

La Comedie italienne The Italian comedy Scaramouche explains the beauties of the military trade. It is very clever, he said. It scares civilians. And amorous adventures! And the rest! What a beautiful trade.

Le Reveil de la Mariee The awakening of the bride. Arrival of the procession. Calls. Get up! Guitars made with old hats. A dog dancing with his fiancee.

Colin-Maillard Blind Man’s Bluff. Look, Miss. One who loves you is a few steps away. He is pale: his lips tremble. You laugh? He holds his heart with both hands. But you go without guessing.

La Peche The Catch. Murmurs of water in a river bed. Arrival of a fish, of another, two others. What does he do? This is a fisherman, a poor fisherman. Thank you. Everyone goes home, even the fisherman. Murmurs of water in a river bed.

Le Yachting Yachting. What a time! The wind blows like a seal. The yacht dances. The sea is disassembled. Provided it does not break. Nobody can go back. I don’t want to stay here, says the pretty passenger. This is not a fun place. I prefer something else. Go get me a car.

Le Bain de mer Sea bathing. The sea is wide, ma’am. In any case, it is deep enough. Do not sit in the background. It is very humid. Here’s good old waves. You are all wetted! Yes, sir.

Le Carnival The confetti descending! Here is a melancholy masque. A drunken pierrot is malign. Supple dominoes arrive. They rush to see. Are they pretty? Le Golf The colonel is dressed in ’Scotch tweed’ of a violent green. He will be victorious. His ’caddy’ follows bearing the ’bags’. The clouds are surprised. The ’holes’ are all trembling: The colonel is there! Here he provides the coup: the ’club’ flies to pieces!

La Pieuvre The Octopus. The octopus is in her cave. She plays with a crab. She chases the crab. It goes down the wrong way. Distraught, she trips on her feet. She drinks a glass of salt water to recover. This drink makes her feel better & it changes her ideas.

Les Courses The races. Races. Weighing. Purchase program. Twenty and twenty. They’re off! The losers (floppy ears & sharp nose).

Les Quatre-coins The four-corners. The four mice. The cat. Mice annoy the cat. The cat stretches. He pounces.

Le Pique-nique The picnic. They all bring cold veal. You have a beautiful white dress. Here! An airplane. But no, it’s a storm.

Le Water-chute The water slide. If you have a strong heart, you will not be too sick. It will seem that you get a scaffold. You will see how curious. Look out! Do not change colour – I feel uncomfortable. This proves that you need to enjoy yourself.

Le Tango perpetuel The perpetual tango. The tango is the dance of the Devil. This is what he prefers. The dance for cooling. His wife, his daughters & his servants cool down as well.

Le Traineau The Sleigh. How cold! Ladies, noses in furs. The sled queue. The scene was very cold & does not know or get.

Le Flirt Flirting. They say nice things, modern things. - How are you? I’m not lovable? Allow me? You have large desires. I would be on the moon! He sighs. He shakes his head.

Le Feu a Artifice Fireworks. As it gets dark. Oh! a sparkler! A rocket! A rocket all blue! All admire it. An old man goes crazy. The Bouquet!

Le Tennis Tennis. Play? Yes! The correct server. With beautiful legs! And a beautiful nose. Service break. Game!

Eric Satie arr. Simon J. Miller
12 minutes
Modern classical music

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