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This is a selection of my compositions and arrangements from over many years which I hope you will find satisfying to play and others might enjoy listening to.

After starting to learn to play piano at 6 years old it took me about 10 years to realise that you could just make it up. After all, that's what Beethoven did. Five decades later, from an old steading in rural Scotland, I'm still making stuff up and occasionally writing it down. I'm afraid it's not clever or complicated music that you can't hum. In fact the few friends who hear it tell me it goes round in their heads for days and weeks. So beware the earworms.

Rather than composing, it often feels like I am "unearthing" a tune which has always been there, but has just been buried until now (or have I just heard it somewhere else already). Either way, having dug it up, dusted it down and shown it the light of day, this is your chance to launch it into thin air.

Score catalogue

B Dog - Solo instrument (Piano)
Donald McLeod of Furlongs - Solo instrument (Piano)
Jean-Ann Tonic-Piano - Solo instrument (Piano)
Kim's Wedding March - Solo instrument (Piano)
The Big Barn-Piano - Solo instrument (Piano)
The Phoenix Waltz - Piano Solo - Solo instrument (Piano)