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I, along with a few other composers, have chosen not to follow the mainstream composers of contemporary classical music, therefore we could be described as mavericks in the field of musical composition. We choose to write in the styles of previous periods of music due to our perception of music as a free art form without an evolutionary structure to which one must comply in order to gain acceptance as a composer. One of the main advocates of this movement is Dr. Vasili Byros, a professor of music theory and composition, at Northwestern University near Chicago, Illinois, who is himself a composer choosing to write music in the style of the Baroque Period.

You will discover that my style is derived from the Classical Period roughly from 1750 to 1800. It is not my intention to duplicate the style of any composer from this period, but to find my own voice within that time period. As I have studied the musical styles of Bach, Mozart, and Beethoven extensively, so you will find that I am influenced by their styles while not attempting to duplicate any one of them. Though J. S. Bach is more polyphonic than Mozart, and, indeed, Beethoven, some of my music tends to be more polyphonic than either Mozart, or Beethoven, and their contemporaries.

I have thus far completed a symphony, a piano concerto, and two sonatas which you will also find here in the ScoreExhange offerings as soon as I am able to prepare them for retail. I am currently working on a string quartet, and a choral mass for full orchestra and chorus. All of these works and future works will be found here on ScoreExchange.

It is my hope that you will enjoy performing the music I have written, and that you will come back to browse for more which I intend to offer as I complete each work.