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Old-Time Music with Ed and Geraldine
20180 SW 97th Place
United States

See jehile.org for tunes by the Master and 1954 World champion Old-Time Fiddler

News: added about 30 scores in November thru April 2011 including Golden Ringlet Waltz, a real beauty, the Lightning Hornpipe (One of the Best) MANY MORE ! Now have 157 Scores

News flash starting 1-4-10 My web site now has the audio from the actual Fiddler as well as the Sibelius version audio along with many of the scores.

email me with any questions edwardberbaum@mac.com

Also I have just added six + tunes in the style of Master Texas Old-Time Fiddler Smokey Butler - Huckleberry Hornpipe and Bill Cheathem. I bet you will really like these and there will be more.

Also here are about 120 Fiddle Tunes as played by JEHILE KIRKHUFF

Please go to http://cdbaby.com/cd/jehile to listen to and/or buy a nice collectors version of a CD called Jehile Stands Alone or visit iTunes and search for Jehile

Hi, I'm Ed Berbaum and learned a lot from Jehile (see below) I have transcribed these tunes from recordings I made for the Library of Congress as a Field Representative for the American Folk Life Center and recordings I made just for myself while visiting Jehile.

I met Jehile Kirkhuff, 1954 World Champion Old-Time Fiddler, in 1977. Jehile lived without electricity with his cousin William and had "walking water" not running water (a well out front and a bucket in the kitchen). He and the music he loved and played so well changed my life, my passion, and my carreer. This Sibelius site features transcriptions of many of Jehile's favorite tunes and some he created; I will not say "written" since he did not write them down.

At jehile.org click on "Listen to Jehile" and you will be taken to our site. Click Music Us and Jehile and you will see alphabetical folders of Jehile playing a total of about 270 tunes, small mp3 files. These are alphabetical folders and MAY TAKE SOME TIME TO LOAD FOR DIAL-UP USERS) Be patient.

also see the newer site jehile.org

Along with my transcriptions, you can develop a version of your own of any of these tunes; that is what has happened throughout the history of Fiddle music. You and I can listen to many players of the same tune and the versions are always at least somewhat different if not a lot different. When you can, send me an email of YOUR version. I would like to hear it !

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