Tommaso Sanson

Tommaso Sanson is an Italian Clarinetist, Bass clarinetist, Flutist, Saxophonist, Pianist and Composer based in Vicenza. He studied clarinet, bass clarinet and composition at the Conservatory of Vicenza, where he specialized in Contemporary music as well as Classical music. His musical language is the union of different styles, combining classical, romantic, jazz, serialism and contemporary, using extended techniques of the instruments which he writes for. This makes his works aesthetic, but at the same time very deep on an emotional level.

Score catalogue

Ave Verum Corpus - for Choir and String Orchestra - Choir + orchestra
Study N. 1 - for Bass Clarinet with Extended Techniques - Solo instrument (Bass Clarinet in Bb)
Nocturne N.1 - in F Minor - Solo instrument (Piano)
Study N. 2 - For Bass Clarinet Solo - Solo instrument (Bass Clarinet in Bb)