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Petter Marius Gundersen was born in Geilo, Norway 1977, and grew up in the north of Norway. He studied music for 7 years at the 3 different universities. First 3 years at "Høgskolen i Stavanger afk". Then a scholarship was granted to him two years in a row to go study with Uwe Komische, professor at "Hochschule für Musik, Franz Liszt" in Weimar, Germany. Coming back to Norway he was immidiatly drafted to the Royal Army Navy band in Horten, where he served the obligatory one year military service. The year after he started working as a full time trumpeter in "Forsvarets Musikkoprs - NordNorge", a professional army wind band in Harstad. For two years the urge to study grew, and the third year in Harstad was shared between studies at "Høgskolen i Tromsø, afk" and working in Harstad. In Tromsø he was soon engaged in different ensembles, and also rock bands. He moved to Tromsø to studiy full time and play more varied music. To finance his studies he was working as a musical teacher, and conductor.

He is for the time being musical director in two bands, one of them Adjágas, traveling all over the world. Besides that he is a conductor for a wind band for kids in Lillestrøm, and composes and arranges music for them and others. As a freelance trumpeter, he works in different bands, plays in churches, orchestras and theaters.

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