Arnold Ramming

Music has been – and continues to be – an important part of my life. With Mom’s encouragement, I started playing piano when I was 7 and then joined the school band in junior high school. She also got me playing organ for church services when I was in high school. Since then, I’ve been involved with church music, in some form or another, just about all the time. I played the organ for the student chapel and a nearby congregation while I attended college getting my degree in civil engineering. Singing with or directing the vocal choir, or playing organ for worship services, or directing the handbell choir have been my volunteer activities with church music ever since college. My wife and I met while singing Christmas Carols on the Riverwalk in San Antonio; she also was involved in school and church music during her childhood and teenage years. So when our son was born, he was exposed to lots of music in our home, at church, and many other places. We strongly encouraged him to be involved in music. He studied music in college, with piano being his main instrument.

My “daydream” had been, for a long time, to retire from my engineering day job and be on staff with a church so I could be more involved with their music program. In 2006, a part of that dream came true as I accepted a very part-time staff position at Lutheran Church of Prayer in Bakersfield, California as the Handbell Choir Director. And in September 2012, I also took the position of Organist / Choir Accompanist. This level of involvement was challenging – I still had my engineering day job – but it brought me great satisfaction! Being able to help lead our congregation’s worship of God was truly an honor!

Since the first of September 2014, I have been “living the full daydream”! I accepted the position of Music Director with Faith Lutheran Church in Stephenville, Texas. Moving back to our home state of Texas has been a great experience for my wife and me. We are much closer to her family in Houston and to my parents who now live here in Stephenville, but we are now very far from our son who is still in California. This part time job in church music ministry has been very exciting and fulfilling – assisting in the planning of our worship services, playing organ / piano for worship services, directing the adult vocal choir, teaching music to some of the children, playing piano for the day school’s weekly chapel services, working with other instrumentalists to include them in music of the church. So I’m now looking forward to many years of serving in a much more active role of planning and leading congregational worship of our Lord God!

UPDATE AUGUST 2017 - To assist handbell choirs leading their congregation in singing hymns, I have for several years posted arrangements at; those are free of charge and are still posted there. Here on Score Exchange, I am posting my new arrangements. These are focused on the Hymn of the Day as assigned in Lutheran Service Book. It is my prayer that these arrangements will be a blessing to your handbell choir and your congregation. And know that as you purchase each arrangement, you are helping to support the music ministry at Faith Lutheran in Stephenville.

To God be the glory!

Score catalogue

Hail, Thou Once Despised Jesus (LSB 531) - Hymn of the Day for Year A Proper 17 (Aug 30, 2020) - Handbells
I Know My Faith Is Founded (LSB 587) - Hymn of the Day for Proper 22, Year C (Oct 6, 2019) - Handbells
Lord, Keep Us Steadfast in Your Word (LSB 655) - Hymn of the Day for Proper 21, Year A (Sep 27, 2020) and Proper 15, Year C (Aug 14, 2022) - Handbells
My Soul, Now Praise Your Maker (LSB 820) - Hymn of Day for Seventh Sunday after the Epiphany and Proper 18, Year A (Sept 6, 2020) - Handbells
O Love How Deep (LSB 544) - Hymn of the Day for Proper 22, Year A (Oct 4, 2020) - Handbells
On Jordan's Bank the Baptist Cry (LSB 344) - Hymn of the Day for Second Sunday in Advent - Handbells
Savior of the Nations Come (LSB 332) - Hymn of the Day for First Sunday in Advent - Handbells
Your Hand, O Lord, in Days of Old (LSB 846) - Hymn of the Day for Proper 23, Year C (October 13, 2019) - Handbells