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Well, I'm originally from Long Island, NY. I am currently a student at Flashpoint Academy here in Chicago. Music has always been a wonderful outlet of expression for me. I hope to hone my basic knowledge in music composition as a member of this community.

I play the viola and piano. All of my knowledge of the viola comes from the great music teachers in the Brentwood Public school system (Mr. Mil, Ms. H to name a couple…). Since then, I have been a member of the the Cornell University orchestra as well as the North Shore Community Orchestra as a Violist. I'm a better pianist but it has been a while since I've practiced. Unfortunately, my skills on the viola have atrophied to a pathetic state now. Though I still have my instrument, my baby! Feel free to email me if you want to chat about my music. I will be writing more music for fun when I have more free time.

Update: Word to the wise, back up your works! My last computer died on me and I barely rescued the hard drive with all my pieces. I'll prolly email the pieces to myself as a temporary measure.

I write music as a hobby and it is my hope that I become more proficient in communicating my musical ideas on paper. But right now, step-recording my work into Sibelius has been quite fun for me. Evenually, I would like to be as comfortable in front of a piano with pencil and paper as I am in front of the computer with mouse and keyboard.

I have uploaded a piece I've written for no particular project. I thought of a female bard on a lute and her companion playing a flute while entertaining a crowded tavern. It's a piece with some flaws yet I'm quite proud of it. It's called Moarline's Journey. I have uploaded the MP3 version to this site. Please listen to it by clicking on the "Listen to MP3" button above the score. The tempo may be a bit too fast for the guitar. I will have to revisit this piece after a while. I hope you enjoy it, nonetheless

Lobby Jazz is my latest piece. It was supposed to be used as background music for a game my classmates are making. I am not a student of jazz. I'm more of a casual admirer of the genre. I hope to revisit this piece and expand on the musical ideas present there.

Babbling Brook is one of my favorite pieces in the classical genre. My inspiration for the piece came from imagining a stream of water running briskly over rocks. As I sat there, a melody came to me that captured what I was seeing. As an exercise, I wrote down the melody and then expanded on it as best as I can.

Melody in G Diminished was a theme that came from one of my Theory exercises. It is definitely not finished and there are times when I wonder if I'm even in G diminished! So the title may change after a while. I'll be sure to post an update to that piece.