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Whelan Jansen – A freelance musician with over two decades of musical experience. He started playing piano at age 4. He grew up in a very musical family.

As a self-taught pianist: At age 10, he took part of being a keyboardist in a gospel group with his parents and other christian family.

At age 13, he joined the school choir. He learned new songs at the choir practice and went home and start practicing and practicing. Mr Visser, the choir master couldn't focus on that point, he then ask if he could help out which later on left the whole room shocked. No one knew he can play piano that good. He has been the pianist/accompanist for his school choir Holy Trinity Primary and they performed at the Cape Town City Hall in the year 2000.

The year 2001, they appointed him as the new accompianist for the congregation aswell as sundayschool, youth and community choirs.

Music plays a big role in his life. His second instrument, is playing the trumpet. At age 22 he start joining and playing in a brass band as a 1st trumpeter for a few years.

Over the last couple of years, he is a pianist/accompanist for various solo artist, bands and choirs. He has enough experience to know exactly what a room needs. His song - list updated weekly. He listen to every genre of music. Today he finds himself as a music director, arranger and composer. He doesn't talk a lot, but love to entertain by playing the piano.