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Trevor Cattell

Now retired I taught music in primary schools for thirty years. During this time I composed much of my own material. Some of my works have been performed by other schools and by combined school choirs at the Wolverhampton Schools' Music Festival. Since retirement I have composed for a small amateur church choir. All of the music on this site and on my own website - trevorcattell.com - is 'tried and tested'. In other words it has all been performed.

Score catalogue

ALL THINGS BRIGHT AND BEAUTIFUL - Anthem for mixed choir - Choir + keyboard
AS I SAT ON A SUNNY BANK - A Christmas Carol - Choir + keyboard
BISHOP COTTON'S HYMN OF THANKSGIVING AND PRAISE. - We thank thee Lord for this fair earth. - Choir + keyboard
CHAPMAN AND HALL - Orff ensemble
COME UNTO ME - Anthem for mixed voices. - Choir + keyboard
DICKENS - Orff ensemble
DICKENS 5. - Orff ensemble
DICKENS 6. - Orff ensemble
Dickens.2. - Orff ensemble
DICKENS.4.II. - Orff ensemble
FINALE - Orff ensemble
GHOST DANCE - A cantata for primary school children - Orff ensemble
KWAKU ANANSE 2. - Orff ensemble
KWAKU ANANSE 3. - Orff ensemble
KWAKU ANANSE 4. - Orff ensemble
KWAKU ANANSE 5. - Orff ensemble
KWAKU ANANSE.1 - Orff ensemble
LIGHT OF THE WORLD - A Christmas carol - Voice + keyboard
LORD, SPEAK TO ME. - anthem for mixed choir. - Choir + keyboard
PSALM 23 - Voice + keyboard
PSALM 98 - Sing to The Lord a New Song - Choir + keyboard
PSALMS OF PRAISE. - Choir + keyboard
SAINT NICOLAS - A Christmas Carol - Voice + keyboard
SONGS FOR SINGING SCHOOLDAYS - Songs for KS2 children - Voice + keyboard
SWEET WAS THE SONG. - Choir + keyboard
WHO IS MR. BOZ? - Orff ensemble