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Currently the secretariat for Association of Composers (Singapore), Xiao graduated from London College of Music, which is the music faculty of University of West London with B(Mus) in Music Performance/Composition. As a composer, he worked with a couple of genres, including Chinese and western orchestral music. He also wrote chamber works and etudes as well. As he specializes in classical singing as well, he also wrote a couple of choral works and vocal solos. He is also member of professional organizations including Composers & Authors of Singapore and Musicians Society of Singapore.

Score catalogue

好想牵牵你的手 - Solo Tenor + piano
小鸟 - Solo Baritone + piano
流浪汉 - Solo Tenor + piano
满 江 红 - Choir
请别离开我,爱人 - Solo Baritone + piano
Amazing Grace - Voice + keyboard
Amor Intellectualis - Voice + keyboard
An Die Musik - Voice + keyboard
Auld Lang Syne - Choir + keyboard
Ave Verum Corpus - Choir + orchestra
Ave Verum Corpus - Choir + keyboard
Ding Dong Bells - Solo instrument (Piano)
Ding Dong Bells! - Arranged For Orchestra,Based on Ding Dong Bells,For Piano Solo - Orchestra
Etude No 2 In D Minor For Solo Piano - Solo instrument (Piano)
Etude No. 1 In a minor - For Solo Piano - Solo instrument (Piano)
Fall & Redemption - Voice + keyboard
Fugue - Solo instrument (Piano)
Ghost! - Choir
Hallelujah! - Rearranged For Two Female Voices & Piano - Choir + keyboard
Music, When Soft Voices Die - Voice + keyboard
Sakura, Sakura - Arranged For String Orchestra - String orchestra
Simple Gifts - Choir
Suite For Clarinet In Bb & Piano In C Minor 1st Movement - 1st Movement - Solo Clarinet in Bb + piano
Suite For Violin & Piano, 2nd Movement - Solo Solo Violin + piano
TENSIONS - Solo instrument (Piano)
Three Asian Folk Songs - 1. Sakura,Sakura, 2. Sarinande 3. 牧歌 - Choir
Ulysses By The Merlion - Voice + keyboard
VOCALISE - Voice + keyboard
爱,握紧你我的手 - Solo Solo Soprano + piano
让我唱一首歌给你听 - Voice + keyboard
遗落的戒指 - Large mixed ensemble
飞鸟与鱼 - Voice + keyboard