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United Kingdom

I started my musical career with The Royal Signals Band in 1965. In 1974 I commenced teaching Woodwind and Brass with Argyll and Bute Council in the Oban area where I remained until retirement in 2009. I have played with various Bands and been part of several BBC recordings. My first solo Album called "Sounds of the Orient" with Red Admiral Records was released worldwide this year and I am now working on my second.

Score catalogue

"Actually", Piano Solo - Solo instrument (Piano)
10 Christmas Carols - String trio
10 Christmas Carols, Trumpet Trios' - Trio of Trumpets in Bb
A Wish for Christmas - Wind quartet
America the Beautiful - String quintet
Auld Lang Syne - Concert band / wind band
Dungallan, Piano Solo - Solo instrument (Piano)
EASTER HYMN - Wind quartet
Four Contrasting Pieces - Duet of Clarinets in Bb
Four Original Piano Solos - Solo instrument (Piano)
Going Christmas Krackers - Clarinet choir
Going Christmas Krackers! - Concert band / wind band
Hark the Herald - Wind quartet
Hark the Herald - Saxophone quartet
JACLYN'S TUNE - Solo Baritone + piano
Jenny Joplinised - Solo Solo Violoncello + piano
Lyndsey's Tune, Clarinet solo - Solo Clarinet in Bb + piano
O Christmas Tree - Clarinet choir
O Christmas Tree - Brass quintet
POPCORNED 2 - Solo Baritone + piano
Quem Pastores - Large mixed ensemble
Restless - Wind quartet
Restless - String quartet
Rush Hour - Solo instrument (Piano)
The Black Bear (Clarinet Trio) - Trio of Clarinets in Bb
The Black Bear (Tenor Saxophone Trio) - Trio of Tenor Saxophones
THERE IS A GREEN HILL FAR AWAY - Concert band / wind band
This Joyful Eastertide - Wind quartet
Xylophone Solos Volume 1. - Solo Xylophone + piano
Xylophone Solos Volume 2. - Solo Xylophone + piano
Xylophone Solos Volume 3. - Solo Xylophone + piano
Xylophone Solos Volume 4 - Solo Xylophone + piano