Gabriel Santecchia

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Mr Gabriel Santecchia
Av. Nazca 4141, 3 G
Capital Federal
Buenos Aires

Gabriel Santecchia was born in Bahia Blanca, Buenos Aires, Argentina. Since he was a little kid he was introduced into music by his parents. At the age of eight he started studying violin at the Conservatorio de M�sica Provincial. Two years later he quitted, to continue during his youth but, this time the chosen instrument was the saxophone. It's important to say that he also got into the studies of clarinet, again, only for two years. Not being pleased with the career focussing the stablishment was giving, he decided to quit and continue his studies by his own, what normally is called autodidactic. He had always shown an intuitive and curious personality which slowly led him to composition. meanwhile he works as a teacher of saxophone, harmony, improvisation and composition. He has a great variety of music preferences though for the last ten years or so he has devoted to specially jazz in most of its styles. His compositions have different characteristics and has written for different instruments like guitar, piano and for an entire jazz group. He has taken past in a great lot of important shows in Bah�a Blanca and in other big cities in his country. He has also played as tenor sax and alt sax at the Orquesta Sinf�nica Provincial de Bah�a Blanca.