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My name is Johanna Salo and I live in Norway, north of europe. I am a finnish composer and I have studied piano and composing private. I love classical music and my favourite composers are Beethoven, Schubert and Puccini, but I listen to J.S Bach, Dvorak,Stravinskij, Sibelius, Nielsen, Chopin, Mozart, Saint Saens and many other composers. The russian composers Stravinskij and Prokoffiev are my inspiration. Especially the late romantic and the neo classical time periode influnce me as a composer. Barto`k was also very interesting. My future plan is to spread my musical works all around and I hope my music gives you harmony. It would be nice to hear from you. It is an honour for me if you want to make an attempt and play my works. Many children are musician and it is important for children to play together for their social life and personality. Composing is hard work and it takes a lot of motivation. I am new here and I want to encourage you to creativity and to live in peace. My e mail is You are welcome to type a few words if you wish, but I am busy and I do not read my e mail every day, so I do not reply at once. I am romantic, but an artist has to have his or her own language, so I compose modern classical and atonal music now and then. The romantic period was very beautiful, but the new classical and modern period were more exciting.I don`t listen to pop, rock or punk, hip-hop that much, but I also like Stevie Wonder, Frank Zappa, Barry White, Roy Orbinson, Mark Knopfler and a few others. I have also studied basic business and I study advanced accountment. I run a small company, so I work allmost every day. I design spatial patterns also, I have since I was a child admired the creative part of mathematics, like architechture.

Thank you for the visit and thank you for listening to my works.

I will just publish a couple of my compositions for public of my production.

I was encouraged to study music as a child. I spend several hours with music and composing during my free time and I am busy with composing a work for piano and I work with Schumann. Besides music am I interested in mathematics, biochemistry, nutrition and statistics. I have also studied german after high school and I want to learn italian too and one of my goals for the future is to learn italian. I apologize for my english, Deutsch gefälllt mir, ich spreche lieber Deutsch.

Mit freundlichen Grussen aus Norwegen:Johanna Salo

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