Neil Macintyre

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United Kingdom

There is nothing interesting or noteworthy about me. I am quite old, live in the north of Scotland, and write only to please myself. I would not really expect many (or indeed any) others to have any interest in what I write but that is of no concern to me. I sometimes compose with note groups such as trichords and tetrachords, etc. which I transpose and permutate, and use various methods to achieve harmonic coherence, etc. I tend to thrive on limitations as totally 'free' composition is problematic for me. In general, I am interested in compositional methods and techniques, medieval and modern, such as those in the works of the ars nova period and those of the 20th century. I only aim at computer playback of my pieces if and when I get them notated into 'Sibelius', nothing more, but I am very lazy about that.