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Mrs Lynne Cooke
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I studied piano from an early age, gaining Royal Schools of Music grade 8 at age 16. Studied for an IT degree at University of Manchester, Institute of Science and Technology, and music took a back seat for many years. It came back into my life a couple of years after moving to Warwickshire, when a newly formed Morris dancing side advertised in the parish magazine for more members - particularly musicians. Having recently bought a piano following our move to Warwickshire, I then bought an accordion and joined the Morris side. Folk Music and playing for dancing have been part of my life ever since. I have been a morris musician and dancer since 1987, play accordion in several 'English Ceilidh' bands and help organise a folk festival. I also sing in our occasional church and folk club choirs. I only recently started writing tunes - there are so many lovely ones out there to play, I didn't feel the need to add to the collection. Ten years after a friend wrote a tune for a special birthday of mine, I felt honour-bound to return the favour. Maybe I'll upload it one of these days!

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