Mauro Encarnação

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I am a self-taught musician and composer. I began showing interest in music when i was around 8 years old, firstly by wanting to learn how to play classical guitar, In the following years, and although my family never really supported the idea of me having a musical carrer, I started learning musical theory at the age of 15, using the Internet, blogs and a few books. Began by doing covers of pieces like Fur Elise and Moonlight Sonata, by Beethoven, and many others in order to gain some classical background, something I consider to be very usefull in a musician´s carrer.

I recently found a "gift" for improvisation, and a great passion for the piano, so from there I quickly began writting my own music.

I base my works on music created by japanese composers like Nobuo Uematsu, Akira Senju and Toshiro Matsuda, but also in the European Minimalism, present in the works of the French musician-composer, Yann Tiersen

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