Kevin F. Sanderson-Doughty

I’m a 43-year-old who’s a quite good pianist, an okay djembe player, and a trombonist who might sheepishly assent to pulling the old horn out of storage as long as you promise not to ask me to play any higher than the D above middle C.

My first compostitions were for piano back in my senior year of high school, though one piece wound up being pretty much a transcription of something I’d played the year before in Regional Band. The realization of inadvertent plagiarism (I honestly thought it was an original piece) kept me from composing anything more until a 20th Century music theory class in college. The professor had us compose pieces based on the techniques and styles we were learning about. This got the creative juices (as well as the willingness to use them) going again, and I’ve been composing on and off ever since.

Some musical endeavors not included in the catalog below:

Weekly Melodies Archive – original melodies, each composed in one week

Sung Prayers Podcast – sacred music compositions in the Judeo-Christian tradition

4Weeks/4Pieces – a NaNoWriMo-like event for music-makers