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Although composing since the age of 12, Keith's catalogue of works (see below) contains a long hiatus between Opus 6 and Opus 7 due to his rather foolhardy pursuit of a non-musical career. Having come back to his senses his output hasn't looked back since purchasing Sibelius software, and is now experiencing something of an Indian Summer in his creative output (if it's possible to have an Indian Summer at his tender age!). He is completely self-taught, having spent hours from a very young age banging away on the family piano. Influences are many and varied, the main ones being, in no particular order, Part, Gorecki, Hovhaness, and Britten. With the exception of one or two experimental pieces his style would be best described as mainstream romantic, although some works have minimalist leanings. Keith has a Masters Degree in Modern History and hopes at some stage to take his doctorate, providing there's a big enough gap in his compositional schedule!
Catalogue of Works Many of these pieces, although not present on this site due to their duration, have been rendered into Sibelius format, and available for hire should you wish to approach the composer directly with a view to a performance. He might be able to supply a midi or Scorch file by email. Maybe an MP3 or a CD if you're really serious about a performance!
Key to symbols
s = available on this site.
S = available offline in Sibelius format, email for details.
MS = only available in Manuscript.
Opus 1 Anthem in C Major for Chorus, Children's Chorus, Alto solo, and Orchestra 1970, revised 1974. S Text: The Song of England (Alfred Noyes) Duration 11.45 min.
Opus 2 Symphonic Suite for Brass Band S, French Horn, Male Voice Choir and Mezzo Soprano soloist. Text: A Lament and Remembrance (Percy B Shelley). 1973. Duration 48.40 min
Opus 3 Crucifixion. Tone Poem for Brass Band S 1975. Duration 6.35 min
Opus 4 Meditation. S Part song for SATB chorus. Text: Shepherd Hear My Prayer (Albert Osborne) 1976. Duration 5.00 min
Opus 5a Six Pieces for Brass Band S I Fanfare, II Shivachant, III Chorale, IV Canticle, V Pastorale, VI In Paradisum 1978. Duration 17.00 min (5.1: 0.30; 5.2: 4.25; 5.3: 3.10; 5.4: 1.55; 5.5: 3.15; 5.6: 3.45)
Opus 5b Six Pieces for Orchestra S Orchestral version of Opus 5.
Opus 6 Adagio for Brass Band S 1980. Duration 11.30 min
Opus 7 Four Choral Preludes s Text: 7.1 Psalm 61:1-2, 7.2 Psalm 149, 7.3 Revelation 22:13, 7.4 1st Corinthians 13:10,12. 2002. Duration 22.05 min. (7.1: 5.50; 7.2: 1.30; 7.3: 6.45; 7.4: 8.00)
Opus 8 Mantras for Chorus and Organ. s Sanskrit text. 2002. Duration 11.45 min
Opus 9 Catharsis. A Remembrance for Chorus and Orchestra. S Text: Proper of the Mass; And Death Shall Have No Dominion, Do Not Go Gently into That Good Night, A Refusal to Mourn the Death by Fire of a Child in London, When All My Five and Country Senses See (Dylan Thomas). 2003. Duration 74.39 min. (Kyrie 9.35, Dies Irae 2.05, Offertorium 16.38, Pie Jesu 12.35, Sanctus 13.05, Agnus Dei 20.37)
Opus 10 Blood and Fire for Piano. s 2003. Duration 3.00 min
Opus 11 Shoah for Trumpet, Trombone, Organ and Strings. s 2004. Duration 7.41 min
Opus 12a For Tommy for Brass, Harp and Strings. s 2004. Duration 4.00 min
Opus 12b Hopes and Fears, song for soprano and piano S
Opus 13a Triptych for multi-part Chorus on single word texts. 2004. Duration 23.50 min (13.1 Holy 5.25 min; 13.2 Alleluja 8.55 min; 13.3 Amen 3.17 min s
Opus 13b Amen (from Triptych for multi-part Chorus). Long version for stand-alone performance. 2004. Duration 9.30 min S
Opus 13c Allelujah (from Triptych for multi-part Chorus). Orchestral version. 2004. Duration 8.55 min S
Opus 14 Deconstruction of Childhood for orchestra. 2005. Duration 8.10 min S
Opus 15 String Quartet No.1. 2005. Duration 29.30 min S
Opus 16 Triptych for the Blessed Virgin. 2007. Soprano solo, SATB choir and orchestra. Duration 51.53 min (16.1 Stabat Mater Speciosa 15.41; 16.2 Stabat Mater Dolorosa 17.44; 16.3 Magnificat 18.28 S
Opus 17 Sinfonietta. Orchestra. 2007. Duration 36.36.S
Opus 18 Missa Brevis. SATB choir and organ. 2007. Duration 28.15.S
Opus 19 String Quartet No.2. 2007. Duration 24.09.S
Opus 20 St John Passion. Soprano, Tenor and Baritone solo, multi-part choir and orchestra. 2008. Duration 75.58.S
Opus 21 Carillon for Brass Band. 2008. Duration 7.24.S
Opus 22 Symphony No. 1 for Orchestra. 2009. Duration 33.42.S

Sacrifice of Praise (Michael Kenyon) for Brass Band MS
Iste Confessor (Rouen) for Chorus and Brass Ensemble s
4 x 4. An experiment for Brass Band. S 1974. Duration 2.00 min
He Was Despised from Handel's Messiah for Alto Trombone and strings s
3 Renaisance Madrigals for 5 trombones s