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Jim Fox

Dr. Jim Fox
All Brass Radio Arrangements
4733 Scenic Drive
United States

Hello, I am Jim Fox (Ph.D.) a former college professor and now disabled due to a nasty car accident that was NOT my fault. I have an undergraduate music degree from Central Christian College (a terrific small private school in Kansas) a Master's from Denver Seminary and my Doctorate from The University of Northern Colorado – both in psychology/counseling.

I have spent most of my working career teaching, or as a practicing therapist. My wife is a Pastor, who's job has had some bearing on my employment path.

I play low brass instruments, with baritone, euphonium, and trombone the ones I play the best. I am a big fan of British Brass Bands. I have an internet radio station that plays only brass band music (www.allbrassradio.com).

Most (not all) of my pieces and arrangements are free. It is a risk to me that someone will download the pieces and use them for something not related to performing like turning them in as school work in composition class or stealing them and publishing them as their own.

I take that risk so that my pieces can easily be performed. I do ask if anyone plays something of mine, and it is recorded, that they send me the recording. I am happy to talk to anyone. Feel free to email me at DrJAFox@gmail.com