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Mr Patrick Jean
Ch. des Chenes 18

Influenced from an early age by his elder brothers of rock musicians, music approach so self-taught. Since 1983, he completed the full EJMA (Ecole de Jazz Musique Actuelle) Martigny (3 years), then Lausanne (15 years). Gains in 2002 the patent instrumental, theory and arrangement of this school and a certificate from teacher training at the conservatory of Sion. Responsible for the coordination and development of the EJMA-VS from 1987 to 2004, he participated actively in the entertainment sections of Sierre, Sion and Martigny. It conducts many seminars, concerts, educational concerts, trade across the Valais and a promotional CD "Tutti Frutti" with the workshops of EJMA-VS in 1998. He is currently a professor of guitar and runs various workshops (Big Band,�) at this school and Jazz Musique Actuelle in sections of Sierre, Sion and Martigny. Since the 80's, the guitarist develops experimental various formations: Exit - Jazz Rock; The Thumb - guitar duo with Gilles Sierro, Jean Pat trio with Didier M�trailler - drums, Christophe Devanth�ry - low then Philippe Bollenr�cher - drums and Brice Pianet - bass / babybass. Participates as a guitarist and arranger in various formations of modern music: Express Way, Rhythm and Blues including Pascal Walpen, trumpet Special Velour, duo sax / guitar with Frederic Gross Conchita Compressor, Progressive Rock including Steve Marguelisch, drums JP Multitet, Modern Jazz with Christian Zufferey, piano and Maryse B�trisey, vocal Concert Jazztet, Contemporary Jazz with Alex R�edi, saxophones; Pascal Walpen, trumpet; Jean-Michel Chappot, trombon; Beat Jaggy, percussion Swiss Jazz Contraband including St�phane Chapuis, accordeon BPM with Patrick Perrier and The LOUNGE with Luigi La Marca Also sought in many local achievements as accompanist for choirs, shows, musicals, TV, radio, CDs,� Guitarist / bassist in various orchestras Jazz valaisans: Val Big Band, Swing Sion, Alex R�edi Big Band, Big Band of the EJMA, Jazz GmbH, Boucan UT,� Its current musical priorities: JPb3i0 +1 (original) and The LOUNGE (Vocal Jazz) and Jazz GmbH (Traditional and Modern Jazz) ARBB (Alex R�edi Big Band)