Ian B Wilson

I am a prize winning composer having won the Commonwealth Music Competition for 2019 and am on the roster of composers published by Forton Music. I am a member of the Colchester New Music group of composers and have had pieces performed by, among others, the Dunblane Chamber Orchestra, the British Clarinet Ensemble and the National Flute Orchestra. In addition, I am published on the CCLI website.

I am the head teacher of a secondary school in London, having been a Head of Music and an Advanced Skills Teacher for many years. I took the St Bonaventure's School Choir to the Festival of Music for Youth on several occasions and achieved 'Choir of the Day' awards at the BBC Choir of the Year Regional Series. I have been the Musical Director of the Hunts Philharmonic Society and the St Cecilia Choral Society in Chelmsford. I am a music graduate of Durham University. I am a worship leader at Central Baptist Church in Chelmsford, for whom I have written many songs.