Zoltan Samu Csernak

Samu Csernák and music: Star-gazer. Backs out from the world’s flow with naive trickiness. Playful. The wave’s way to the coast. Silent. Just like a bit of silence between night and dawn. Investigator. Ranger. Arrived. Someone who knows what to do. Happy. The fiddlestick’s breath before the first sound.

My name is Samu Csernák, I am a Hungarian composer and musician.

Music for me is about more than simply following a written composition - I enjoy composing my own classical chamber pieces too. I feel this skill is because of my thorough comprehension of studio-technology, my experience in experimentation and my practise in concert performances. Whilst enjoying and feeling inspired by a great deal of different musical genres and artists, what makes me unique as a composer and musician I believe, is that my music is never based on following trends.

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