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Born in 1964, my live is all about Ann and our 3 beautiful daughters.

Composing for several years now, I like gentle and easy songs.
Most of my music is free to print. My objective is everybody having fun. Don't hesitate to use my music for performing without commercial purpose. I consider receiving a performance picture or the real Wav/mp3 as the payment.
For larger concerts or commercial purposes, please contact me by email.

I'm concentrating on the basic song arrangements, so don't expect a lot complete orchestrations. I prefer to deliver the essentials, leaving to all of you the freedom to adapt, add and enjoy. The MP3s are all pure digital music without tuning. When playing live you'll discover the true spirit of music

Alfa & Basics
A special note on Orff pieces. Learning music is fun. So I'm investing some time on basic Orff songs. You can find a lot of stuff here that maybe seems difficult, but isn't. Some guidance is given to even simplify the songs for the first lessons. On top the teacher can easily change instruments and eliminate some voices to align with the available instruments in the classroom.

Nederlandstalige liederen, kinderliederen
Ann and I, we shortly started writing together dutch songs for children learning an instrument. Its heaven to me.

PS:I'm slowly handling the backlog of parts of older songs. If you need separate parts, please mail.

Score catalogue