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The choral repertoire has been strangely silent about the Miracles of Jesus, despite the prominence of the miracles in the gospel accounts. Unable to source suitable material on this subject, I felt compelled to fill the void! I would like to see this music being sung by choirs, so if pricing is a problem, please get in touch.

The Miracles of Jesus compositions are intended as a flexible mix-and-match series for singers of all ages and accordingly the level of difficulty varies. A key aspect is that I endeavour to make each piece different, so you will find many different styles represented.

Most of the Miracles of Jesus Series 1 was first performed in a theatre in Devon in 2007, in a concert setting, with the pieces interspersed with additional commentaries from the gospel accounts.

Following on from the Miracles of Jesus Series 1 and 2, I have also composed a series on the Parables of Jesus, which will be appearing here shortly.

Biographical highlights:

  • Started playing the cornet at 8
  • Brass band at 10
  • Left home at 14 to play the trumpet for a living
  • Running a Dixieland band at age 16
  • At 19, did an arrangement (working without a piano - didn't have one!) in 5-part harmony and submitted it to George Evans, who taught dance band arranging. Mr Evans was so impressed that he offered me his correspondence course free of charge!
  • Apprenticeship as a bricklayer (you can never depend on the music business entirely!)
  • Wrote two big band jazz arrangements and performed in these, first in a concert in Edinburgh sharing the bill with Count Basie and then in a "Jazz at the Philharmonic" (American jazz package) concert in Glasgow
  • Band director at Ambassador College, Bricket Wood, during a 12-year period
  • Passed ARCM in Trumpet Teaching and Special Harmony, 1970
  • Began conducting church choirs, 1978
  • 1982: ordained as a deacon, reflecting years of past - and future - service in facilitating church music
  • Wrote technical studies including 19 pages of duets for clarinets or trumpets
  • Wrote the technical manual "Triad Power" in five modes
  • Wrote "The Job Story" - a musical collage telling the story of the Book of Job in the Old Testament. For choir, soloists and piano, completed in 2003. The first performance took place in Paignton, Devon, in 2004
  • Wrote "The Miracles of Jesus" series 1 for choir and piano. 17 pieces. Most of the series was first performed in a theatre in Devon in 2007
  • Wrote "The Miracles of Jesus" series 2 for choir and piano. 20 pieces. Single items performed regularly at a church in Luton - ongoing
  • Started writing "The Parables of Jesus" series for choir and piano. 36 pieces so far. Single items performed regularly at a church in Luton - ongoing
  • Continuing to play in big bands, conducting church choir and providing hymn band for local church and larger church gatherings

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