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Mr Hampton Carmine
11805 Stannary Place
United States

My background began with my father who was classical pianist; my home was always filled with music of all kinds. I became a music major in college in my time but was not displined enough at that time of my life to complete my music education. I was then and still am a brass player (Euphonium/tuba) and actively play in the Raleigh Concert Band (Raleigh, NC, USA). After College, there was a many years long empty spot where I was not involved in music and eventually it dawned on me that dispite my wonderful family and career, my life had been incomplete without the music.

I sought out a band and began playing again. At this time I also began composing. I have been composing now since 2000 and I welcome instructive comments. This is very much a learning experience for me and I hope I create good music during the process.

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