Jeff L. Lade

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United States

Educated at Southern Illinois University initially under Dr James P Woodard, finished up work at Illinois State University,under Dr. Martha C Horst and Dr. David Feurzeig and finally studied briefly with Dr.Doug Salokar in vocal music composition. Theory and Orchestration in High School, under Dr. Dale Hopper and Linda Edsel-Wolfe

Primarily self-taught as a composer,began composing at 13.Hated Gen Eds in University other than Psychology , History and Math.Still think too much emphasis is placed on performance time and practice for composers. My education had to be done in spurts due to family obligations and finances.

Current favorites include John Adams,Steve Reich,Erik Satie,Charles Ives,Arvo Part, of course Beethoven,Bach and Barber. I love Bjork's choral arrangements.Though I would not say I am a minimalist,it is always there in counterpoint without the constant repetition. Searching new directions for the healing powers of music,while straddling minimal and neo-romantic approaches.I admit though that I am getting more lyrical in my old age though,in spite of standard metrical treatments .I compose non-stop and finally getting performances on a semi-regular basis.Music is difficult metrically,and can be ruined by a performance unless there is good perception.