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Joachim Johow
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I have been a music teacher at a high school and a conductor of a school music ensemble. I live in Berlin (Germany). My hobbys: Making music (composing and playing) and talking about music with other musicians, reading books (fairy-tales and fantasy),painting, bicycling, cinema and lively culture, particular from amateur theatre and music ensembles. I play the violin in a string orchestra and in my folk ensemble in Berlin ( We play Klezmer, Tango, Swing, Irish Folk and own compositions. My favorite composers: Bach, Schubert, Mozart and Beethoven.

Here I present my music since in sibeliusmusic since 2006 and since 20011 in Score Exchange. I imagine that this site has become to me a kind of music diary. Perhaps other people like to play or to listen some of my pieces. There are now more than 1100 titles.

Some comments to my music: - I`ve written a lot of music for beginners and music students of many instruments with piano accompaniment. - If you have some good students which play flute, violin or clarinet you can try some of my rounds (Grand Canon series) for 3 instruments with piano and bass. Now there are 100 rounds (easy and difficult) in all styles. I love that musical form (especially Pachelbel) and it makes much fun to play it. - My piano books (now more than 200 piano musics) are a kind of musical scetchbooks or diary. I`ve made 10 books, each with 20 piano titles. - There is a lot of music for school orchestra, amateur orchestra and orchestra (for example: Klezmer music, Irish Tunes, South American music…). That may be interesting for conductors of orchestras and orchestra musicians. Perhaps you look on my fairytale suites (Sindbad, Leila) or the Folk suites of the Fiddler Seasons (48 musics for string orchestra and other instruments.)

Please send an email if you have questions or suggestions for me. If possible, I try to help you : - )

You will find the new music of the last 5 years on my homepage. Here are only the old compositions.

Many greetings to all musicians and listeners and I wish much joy in music.

Jachim Johow

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