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An award winning composer, Lee’s music compositions and arrangements are performed regularly at National Day Parades and state ceremonies; he was nicknamed “Singaporeosusa” for the many marches he had written. Lee was commissioned by the Ministry of Education to compose the set piece “Dare to Dream” for 2018 Singapore Youth Festival Arts Presentations for Primary school band; he also received several commissions from schools to compose anthems and other musical pieces.

Lee received a “Certificate of Commendation” for his contributions towards the Brunei International Tattoo in 2006 and was awarded “Top local Classical Music composition” by COMPASS(Singapore) in 2017

Lee attended the Bandmaster Course at the Royal Military School of Music, Kneller Hall and was awarded the Best Original Fanfare Award; and Fred Mortimer's Prize for Best Overseas Student Bandmaster. Lee holds an Associate Diploma in Bandmastership from the Royal College of Music, London, a Bachelor of Music (Honours) conferred by Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts (Singapore)- Royal College of Music (London), Master in Education from the National Institute of Education-Nanyang Technological University of Singapore and a Doctorate from the American Trinity University.

Score catalogue

General Salute No. 1 - Marching band
A People After Your Heart - Voice + keyboard
A Portuguesa (Himno Nacional Portugues) - Concert band / wind band
A Soldier’s Prayer - Voice + keyboard
ADVANCE CALL - Solo instrument (Cornet in Bb)
ALL THE WAY - Marching band
Artillery March - Concert band / wind band
BELPHEGOR MARCH - Marching band
BENGAWAN SOLO - Solo instrument (Treble)
Chan Mali Chan - Solo instrument (Piano)
Dang Mengalai - Marching band
DAYONG SAMPAN - Solo instrument (Voice)
DI TANJONG KATONG - Solo instrument (Voice)
Eine Kleine Nachtmusik - Wind quartet
Fall in - Solo instrument (Cornet in Bb)
FANFARE No. 4 - Concert band / wind band
FANFARE No.3 - Version 2.2 - Concert band / wind band
FIRST DINNER CALL - Solo instrument (Cornet in Bb)
General Salute No. 2 - Concert band / wind band
GRAND FANFARE - Military band
HIS PROPOSERITY - Voice + keyboard
Holiday Waltz - Solo instrument (Piano)
Joyous Spring! - Concert band / wind band
KOPI -O (SAX QUARTET) - Saxophone quartet
LAID TO REST - Concert band / wind band
LAID TO REST - Solo instrument (Piano)
LAID TO REST - Solo instrument (Piano)
LAID TO REST - Saxophone quartet
Last post 21 - Solo instrument (Cornet in Bb)
Let us see - Voice + keyboard
Macaques - Solo instrument (Piano)
March In Harmony - Concert band / wind band
MARKER'S CALL - Solo instrument (Cornet in Bb)
MINOR MODAL MORSE CODE - Quartet of Alto Saxophones
ONE IN UNITY - Concert band / wind band
Our Country, Our Home Premiered NDP 2014 - March In Music - Premiered NDP2014, March In Music - Military band
Our Singapore March - Concert band / wind band
Pride, Discipline & Honour - Concert band / wind band
PRIME MINISTER FANFARE - Fanfare Trumpet - Octet
REACH OUT FOR THE SKIES - Concert band / wind band
RETREAT/ SUNSET - Solo instrument (Cornet in Bb)
Rouse - Solo instrument (Cornet in Bb)
SCDF March - Marching band
SECOND DINNER CALL - Solo instrument (Cornet in Bb)
shine - Voice + keyboard
SIA Theme - Marching band
Singapore Town - String quartet
Singapore Town - Saxophone quartet
Singapore Town - School band
Spirit of Unity - Concert band / wind band
Ta'at Setia (80 STEPS) - Concert band / wind band
Ta’at Setia - loyal and true - Marching band
TE DEUM Prelude - Woodwind choir
The Colours March - Concert band / wind band
The Specialist Song - Concert band / wind band
UNITE AS ONE - Leadsheets
Vigilant and Ready - ADOC March - Marching band
VIP FANFARE - Large mixed ensemble
VIP FANFARE No. 2 - School band
VIP FANFARE No.1 - Concert band / wind band
VVIP FANFARE - Large mixed ensemble
WE ARE ONE - BRASS BAND - Brass band
WE ARE ONE - Concert band / wind band
We Move the Army - Solo instrument (Voice)
WELCOME GUARD/CAMP QUARTER GUARD - Solo instrument (Cornet in Bb)
Will You? - Brass band