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Music is as natural to me as the very blood that courses through my veins. It is intertwined with my soul, my being. From the time I was nearly too young for my working memory to reach, I have been able to sing and recreate notes perfectly at pitch. I developed a strong attraction for classical music at an early age, listening with rapt attention to the melodies and harmonies, the dissonances and consonances, somehow feeling the music as if it were woven into the strands of DNA comprising my genetic makeup. I began to understand what “good” music was. To me, good music invokes in the emotions what words or pictures invoke in the mind. It is an outpouring of creative expression that resonates on a level deeper than a novel can delve, more penetrating than a painting can pierce. It is a dynamic force of emotionality that engulfs the partaker and sweeps him unbidden into a flowing tide of musical themes and motifs, surprising him with each bend in the river. Sometimes he is placated, sometimes agitated, sometimes moved to tears—all on the same river ride.

My musical motive, so to speak, is to create “good” music. Music is a story, with a central theme, various conflicts, twists in the plot, and enough seduction to keep the listener’s attention. However, one of the great aspects of musicality is that everyone’s preference is slightly different. I will describe the characteristics of my music for that very reason.

First, it is strongly thematic. Most of my pieces contain a central theme/motif that is interwoven throughout the work. There will also be other mini-themes that are developed over the course of the piece. By the music’s end, the listener will have journeyed through several distinct—yet related—themes that hopefully held his attention and served to unify the differing sections of the piece.

Second, it is very phrasal. This, in my opinion, gives the music a chance to breathe, as well as allows the listener time to transition into the next mood. There is such a thing as excessive phrasing, however; I try my hardest to avoid that. Good music is a balance between dynamism and silence, the ratio of which is contingent upon the feeling the composer is attempting to convey.

Third, it is largely unconventional. By this I mean that my music is rich in dissonance; it takes the listener by surprise when a chord is followed by a completely unrelated chord. Of course, discretion is necessary in determining to what extent this dissonance should be utilized. The listener shouldn't remain in a state of perpetual “fear of the unknown!” Yet he shouldn't be bored with utter predictability, either. There is again a balance that must be attained.

So that is my music in a nutshell. I would like to thank you for viewing my homepage, and I hope you find my music enjoyable. Soli Deo gloria!

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