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Thank you for coming, and thank you for listening! Please click the notification on the right to email me.

I have played the piano since I was very young; beginning on my own to pound out notes at 5 years and learning from my father. His repertoire included Chopin's works; most Nocturnes, Waltzes and Etudes he would negotiate seemingly without effort, the Polonaises, the 2nd Piano Concerto - he would play through the two piano version we owned.

I eagerly soaked it up and eventually learned how to play all of his repertoire and more; Liszt, whose works my father actually discouraged me from tackling at 13 years old, I learned and practiced until my fingers were out of joint. I learned to pound out rags by Joplin and passably perform works of Schubert, Gershwin, Bartok, Ives and much more.

Later, I learned to play the Violin and attained 1st chair in 1st Violins in the orchestra at John Overton high-school in Nashville from 1977 to '78. My hands grew large and it became more difficult to play the Violin.

I performed in chorus and Madrigal groups as a young man in High School and College. I taught myself to write music from a young age beginning while in high school and studied Music Composition in College.

I have some experience with the Guitar, the Viola and 'cello.

I dabble in a bit of everything. My style of composition is wide-ranging.

Tennessee Mountain Spring, the MP3, has been inducted into the Vault at Songvault. It is promoted by votes of listener-members.

First movement of my Second Symphony, published July 21, 2012

String Orchestras (and anyone who wants to enjoy this work) are encouraged and welcome to consider the following transcription: Mazurka Opus 56, #3 (F.Chopin) for String Orchestra

For a good listening experience, I recommend the MP3 version when available. These all are prepared on my computer, all prepared in some or another version of Sibelius and rendered by Sibelius as WAV files, then converted to MP3. I try to modify playback in various ways for the sake of realism, but nevertheless these are all representations of what it might sound like if performed live; to give the listener an idea of what is possible. In no way should any potential live rendition be interpreted strictly by how the piece is presented in its audio presentation, rather it should follow the score, as is.

While listening and browsing, feel free to visit the links I have listed below. All have a link back to this page. But, right-click and select open in a new window to avoid the need. ScoreExchange, this page, remains the only source for the actual scores. If you have a question about a score, please email me.

You are welcome to link to my music where-ever you find it; but please email me a link when you do. I appreciate it.

I hope you find something you like.

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