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More of my compositions at Schottverlag international: www.notafina.de All my work is international protected by law via priormart.com and reported to GEMA.

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TITLES: 15 and a Half - guitar duo Jazzy and funky 4 variations about Bach - concertscore for classical solo guitar A Domani - late night jazzguitar solo A hug - guitar, piano, cello American Harlequin - guitar duet Beneath the waves - guitarduo for stringguitars and Cajon Black Orpheus - complete Arr. for classical guitar Che cosa fai? - Italian song for 10 players Clocks - Coldplay - voice, mandolin, 3 guitars, bass, harp Der Dialog - Soloconcert for guitar - 20 minutes Die Schoene - Solo Jazz guitar Diminuation - classical guitar solo Dos palabras - guitar duo in E minor Ein Wurf Easy Él paseo - classical guitar duo Etüde ´92 Etüde ´93 F. Sor - Etüde Nr.8 in C-Dur for orchestra Fantasie - baroque style - classical guitar solo Fourty - classical solo guitar or steelstring - concertscore G-Funk! funky & jazzy Bandleadsheet G Minor Georgia on my mind - trumpet, tenorsax, trombone, guitar, piano, bass drums Go on 2010 - session leadsheet Grover W. Hymn For Summer Isn´t it romantic, the moon? Jazz 6 - piano trio Jungle Springtime - very fast classical guitar Duo with Flageoletts Klassik goes Gypsy - Gypsyjazz Konzertetüden I-IV Cis Major, E Minor, A-phrygian, D Major Kunigunde zur Morgenstunde - guitar duet Lied einer alternden Jungfrau aus: Krebsschwänze Lullaby of heart - guitar solo - greatest piece ever Mai Song - classical guitar for learners Marziato - for clarinet, (guitar), Marimba, 2-4 Celli Me voy - a concert piece for classical guitar Modulation - classical guitar duo in F minor Namenlos - classical guitar solo 2 Parts - concertscore Nocturne - evening music - soloconcert for classical guitar solo 14 min Old Landscape - guitar duo Over the rainbow Polli Pin - for classical guitar solo with impropart Prince of Peace - easy guitar duet Rattatazong - guitar duo for beginners Relax FM - Easy Listening Jazz for Lounge Riders on the Storm (Jazzversion) for voice, 3-5 guitars, cello, bass Romantic dinner - jazzy solo guitar Slow Swing Cool - Melody and Jazzguitar Son muchachos - easy guitar duet with vamp Speed pizzicato - fast exercise for 2 E-guitars playing with pick Strasbourg- Paris - a journey in the nighttrain - for classical solo guitar Summer walk- classical guitar solo Summertime - Bossa Blues The Question The very Bossa blue - solo classical guitar Todo es fácile Très Hojitas - Traditional for beginners 3 guitars Unter der Sonne - vacation song for mixed youth choir, guitars, postcardreaders Unterm Orangenbaum -classical guitar concertscore Walzer in f-moll - piano solo - by Franz Winklhofer Watching Time - classical guitar solo Wespenstich - sting of a wasp- soloconcert for classical guitar -13min Yellow autumn sun - classical guitar solo

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