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Philipp Zuercher Musik Produktionen
Elfenauweg 2

Philipp Zuercher - Electric Guitar:

Progressive rock meets modal jazz meets modern classical music. Philipp plays original guitar compositions as a solo artist, including symmetric modal improvisation and live looping techniques. Influenced by King Crimson, Jeff Beck, Nels Cline, Christy Doran, Olivier Messiaen, Benjamin Britten and many others.

Biography: Born in 1970. Classical violin studies. Guitar and piano studies at the Swiss Jazz School et al. Compositions for guitar, various duos and trios. Electroacoustic and multimedia productions. Solo performances in Switzerland, England, USA. Electric guitar tutor of Guerbetal Music School, Bern-Switzerland.

An excellent Swiss guitarist, a talent not to be ignored. (Trevor Taylor, Avant, England)

These eight solo electric guitar performances, some including live-looping, crisscross contemporary classical, modal jazz, and progressive rock spheres with intelligence, verve, and adventurousness. The Swiss guitarist’s crisply distorted and subtly processed tones perfectly match the sophisticated and highly engaging compositions, several of which are based on Olivier Messiaen’s symmetric modes. A book of transcriptions is also available. (Barry Cleveland, Guitar Player, Jaunary 2013)