Seifeddin Abdoun

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Seifeddin Abdoun
17104 Thorntondale Court
United States

My name is Seifeddin Abdoun, I am a violinist, music educator, performer, and composer, with a Ph. D. in Music from the University of Maryland, College Park, a Master of Arts degree in International Relations from Jordan University, and Bachelor of Arts degree in Music Performance (with concentrations in Violin and Piano) from Yarmouk University, Jordan.

Throughout the course of my music career, I have collaborated with multiple ethnic musical groups and orchestras in various permanent and freelance roles as a founder, performer, composer, and conductor with mastery in all aspects of music theory, conducting, composing, world music, and performance.

I am proficient in performing several musical instruments, including violin, Oud (lute), and piano. I have been composing original scores for full Orchestra (concertos, symphony, waltz, dances), as well as for solo instruments such as: Piano Sonatas, 24 Romantic Caprices for violin, and 8 Caprices for solo Cello, etc.

I live now in Maryland-USA (Washington D.C. metropolitan area) with my family.