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United Kingdom

Vic Carnall was born in England, UK. / After leaving secondary school, he voluntarily enlisted in the Corps of Royal Military Police of the British Army (twelve years of service, with two tours of duty in Cyprus - including an attachment to the UN Military Police (UNFICYP)(he was awarded the UN peace-keeping medal…"In the Service of Peace"…in 1964) - and tours in other countries, such as Germany and Libya). / Subsequently, he continued his studies at the University of London/St. Mary's College of Education, England, UK (B.Ed. (Hons.) in French, Physical Education, and Secondary Education/1974), which included additional courses of study and teaching in both Paris, France (1971), and Geneva, Switzerland (1971-72). After graduation from the University of London, there followed three years of post-graduate study and teaching at the University of Maryland, USA (M.A. in French/1976). / Vic then returned to England, where he taught Modern Languages for the next twenty-five years. / He is now very happily retired, spending much of his time in the continuance of his language and literature studies (French, mainly, plus some Spanish and Latin), and, in addition, composing and playing as much music as possible - please note that, for the most part, Vic is an autodidact, both in the field of music composition and in regard to the instruments that he has played at concert/recital level (violin/viola/piano/electronic keyboards/B-flat trumpet/electric guitar), and, consequently, has been fortunate enough never to have suffered the tortures and embarrassments of a single private lesson! / As a performer, Vic has played in concerts and recitals in many countries, including the UK, France, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, the Czech Republic, and the USA. / Vic is the Founder and current Chairperson of "VJ Concerts", a not-for-profit group which, always with the intention of raising funds for various charitable concerns, (co-)organizes and/or (co-)sponsors free-to-enter recitals and concerts, in order to promote the performance of music of all genres and at all levels of ability.

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