Zoe Felton

Based in the heart of England, Zoe Felton has always had a love of music. Studying composition under Dmitri Smirnov, Zoe graduated from Keele University with a BA(Hons) in Music and Psychology. Initially writing for her sax quartet, she has subsequently written music for a whole host of instrumentation… from standard instrumentations such as full and chamber orchestra, concert band, brass band, quartet, solo piano to more unusual combinations such as combined string orchestra/quartet and clarinet/violin/cello.

Score catalogue

Amazing Grace - Concert band / wind band
Better Together - Piano four hands
Entwined - Trio
Grace - Solo instrument (Piano)
Postcards from France - Solo Soprano Saxophone + piano
Sailscape - Concert band / wind band
Sailscape Sax Quartet - Saxophone quartet
Seeing Double - String orchestra
St Peter's Chorale - Brass band
The Wisdom House - Orchestra
The Wisdom House (ensemble) - Large mixed ensemble
Vale of Sorrow (alto sax) - Solo Alto Saxophone + piano
Vale of Sorrow (clarinet) - Solo Clarinet in Ab + piano
Vale of Sorrow (flute) - Solo Flute + piano
Vale of Sorrow (soprano sax) - Solo Soprano Saxophone + piano