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South Africa

I was born and educated in South Africa, but I have been living in Taiwan since 1995 where I work as an educator. I never received any formal music training, and taught myself to play the piano and the clarinet. In 1987 I was band director for the SAINTS military band in Kimberley where I got involved in formal music and musicianship. In 1989 I studied voice training under Hannelie van Niekerk for a year and had a few performances with the Free State Youth Orchestra as a soloist in Riversdale in 1992. At the same period, I was also the choir conductor of the school choir. I completed a short composition course under the guidance of Jamie Henke from the University of Wisconsin, Madison in 2002.

To date, three of my compositions have been performed with permission. The first one was Opus 1, Lament for the Moody, in 2004 by Cha Bao Su, a Taiwanese pianist. In 2010 my composition, No 1 - Jarmin’s Toolbox, from my Opus 6 Short and simple pieces for Piano, was used in an inter-school piano competition; and in 2011 my composition Opus 7, Rondo for Piano and Clarinet in Bb was performed during a music festival by the MESA state college under supervision of Dr Adam Ballif.

Apart from composing music, I also write and publish poetry in Afrikaans, English, German and French; and educational materials that have been used in Taiwan.

"All people have a right to live, therefore I wish to donate proceeds and royalties from my music to medical research. My wish is to create music that's good enough for performance and beautiful enough to touch the human soul!" Please contact me at for performance requests or any suggestions/criticisms that you may have.

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