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United States

Hello, my name is Aaron Sanders, and this is my page on SibeliusMusic. I have a few scores available so far, and hope to continually add more on a regualr basis. My popular influences are pretty varied - Rush, Queen, Avenged Sevenfold, Dr. John, Jewel, Colplay, and anything inbetween. On the classical side, I tend to lean towards the heavy, powerful composers, such as The Five or just about any other Russian composer, especially from that era.

I'm not a full time musician, at least not right now. By day, I work at a large Fortune 500 company that everyone has heard of and whose products most people have used. I've been involved with playing and making music for about 20 years now. First piano lessons in 2nd grade, followed later by the rest of the percussion instruments. Percussion is my specialty, although I took a brass methods course in college, so I have a functional understanding of those instruments. My formal education is in technology related fields, so my musical compositions tend to defy a few rules here and there, which I think is great. Let me know what you think!

I can be contacted at: adsanders at adsanders dot net.