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Ben Snoek is a highly-acclaimed composer, arranger, performer, and conductor from Michigan. His music has been hailed as interesting, well-written, and inventive. He writes music for a variety of ensembles, including string and full orchestra, concert band, choir, jazz ensemble, and piano. As a performer, Ben is a bassist in his string orchestra and also plays piano and cello. Ben has been studying music theory since he was twelve, jazz theory at fourteen, and instrument playing since he was ten. His music constantly receives positive reviews and feedback.

As a music educator, ensembles under Ben's direction get high reviews, scoring, and awards. Ben has knowledge of all string orchestral instruments, piano, percussion instruments, and modern wind and brass instruments. Ben's main focus is on string education and theory. Ben's music is pedagogically sound, created for the student musician, from the first concert to the symphonic finale of the last concert.

Ben has knowledge on all main musical periods and the styles/composers of each era. His music is inspired and draws from many of the styles, from Medieval to Baroque; from Classical to Contemporary.

Three of his string orchestra pieces are published by Wingert-Jones Publications, and are listed below for search at or His third publication, "Irish Jig and Aire," was included as a JW Pepper Editor's Choice selection for 2013.

  • Synergy - JW Pepper no. 10304023
  • Big Red Sunset - JW Pepper no. 10304021
  • Irish Jig and Aire - JW Pepper no. 10352435 (EDITOR'S CHOICE 2013)