Hunter Lee Brown

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United States

- born Los Angeles, CA, Dec 1969 - B.A., Music, University of California, Davis 1994. - composing in earnest (and not sleeping) Fall 2001

Web software developer/programmer/geek by day, amateur composer by night

Getting a late start with music theory, I never had the chance to study it seriously until I switched majors from American History to Music my third year at University. UC Davis offered at the time a very generalized major, so I didn't necessarily concentrate in any one aspect. I felt at the time it would be my last chance to learn things I probably should have already known by then (theory, etc.)

In the performance realm, I'm a high baritone singer by training and experience, but in elementary and high school, I took up low brass after beginning piano lessons at four years old (and not continuing seriously.) I recently also took up classical guitar lessons. I no longer perform regularly short of receitals (time/energy/opportunity limited.)

After taking a look at my work, please tell me your thoughts.