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Although he's played more jazz gigs with trusty tenor sax in hand than any other type of performance; he's been playing music wherever he roams since started playing along with television commercials on a toy keyboard as a toddler. Now a long-time Regina resident, Multi-instrumentalist Chris Carlier has had the priveledge of working with some of city's most talented musicians, including members of the Regina Symphony Orchestra, The Bob Moyer Big Band, Skavenjah, the University of Regina Concert Bands and Jazz Ensemble and on and on. When he's not leading one of his own bands, he's usually either out listening to as much live music as possible, hosting his program, What Planet Is This?!, on Regina Community Radio, or locked up at home writing for his ensembles, for the U of R Wind Ensemble or even for symphonies.

His latest project involves this 10ish-peice ensemble, comprised of wind instruments, string instruments, vocals and a non-standard rhythm section. This ensemble takes elements of pop music, classical, jazz, funk, contemporary and noise and weaves them together using memorable melodies, catchy licks, pleasantly unusual harmonies and all-out fun!

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