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United Kingdom

Christine has has been playing violin since the age of 7 but gave up in her teens (to a lasting regret) and didn't restart until her early 20s. She currently plays electric violin (and lots of effects pedals) with the dark rock band "Helicopter Quartet" and has toured Europe with Crippled Black Phoenix.

As a composer, Christine is largely self-taught, but has taken tuition and advice from Ben Oliver and John Habron and anyone else who will listen. Her compositional style is eclectic and takes in a number of diverse influences from the baroque masters to Schnittke, Pink Floyd, Swedish folk music and silly noises you can make by hitting a cheap fiddle with a paint brush. She is, as Douglas Adams would have it, 'a great fan of science' and frequently uses scientific and mathematical themes in her music, though is not above tweaking mathematical systems for musical effect.

Although highly technically literate (see job description above) she prefers to compose sat in a comfortable arm-chair using a pencil and manuscript paper. Oh, and a calculator … and possibly a martini. She lives in Leeds with several cats, some strange instruments, and possibly too many microphones