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United Kingdom

My full name is Christopher Paul Charles Soames, i live in a tiny village called Carleton Rode, near Norwich in the east of England. I have played the piano since I was nine and began experimenting with composing aged fifteen. My compositional style has evolved over the years, beginning with simply trying to imitate Beethoven to now adopting a more individual approach. I like to think that my music is quirky, but accessible. I never seem to have enough ideas to be always composing, so there are often large gaps between compositions. But whenever I get a musical idea, I am then usually to be found for hours sitting in front of Sibelius getting all the ideas out onto the screen/page. I would never presume to give myself the title "composer," but I'm working on it.

Please, have a listen to the music and review it on the site or just email me and tell me personally. I am always striving to become a better musician and all advice/praise/rants/abuse/love etc help immensely.